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Liar Game: Conduct and Player Expectations

Due to the nature of this game, we could have a vast number of players. Due to this, and due to wanting to have a good game for everyone, there are a couple of expectations that I have for everyone involved.

1.        Even though this game is non-live, being active on the site is important. You are expected to mail me your action in a game during every phase. If you are going to be away for a period of time, let me know beforehand so we can work things out. If life happens and you cannot participate in the tournament anymore, TELL ME. I will work with you as best as I can, or a substitute can be brought in. Failure to notify me can affect your ability to participate in future NB Reality seasons.

2.        You are required to send in actions for every phase of the game (if applicable). Failure to send in actions will result in penalties. Multiple penalties can and will result in removal from the tournament.

3.        As always, the tengaged terms and conditions apply in this game and will be enforced. Mods or not, there will not be tolerance for bad behavior. You have been warned.

4.        People WILL lie and attempt to exploit you. You should be able to handle this and not threaten friendship, or post blogs crying about it. Maybe your friend might backstab you if it suits them better. Please remember this is a game, and everyone wants to win.

5.        I’m only human. If I make a mistake, please calmly point it out to me and I’ll be happy to fix it. Treat me how you’d like to be treated!

6.        Send confessionals and include me in things if you can! I would love to know what’s going on.

7.        I reserve the right to terminate a player in the tournament at any time, for any reason. Termination in this way can result in a ban from all NB Reality activities.

8.        In the end, this game is supposed to be fun. Please remember that we all do this to enjoy ourselves.

9.        If there are multiple Hosts (referred to as Dealers) during this tournament, please treat them with respect. A message to one dealer should be considered a message to ALL dealers.

10.        You may appeal any rules decisions by Tengaged Mail to nbkiller. Messages sent elsewhere are liable to be overlooked or unreceived.

11.        Finally, this list is not exhaustive and may be changed at any time, without notice.

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