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73 days 17 hours ago
Hey guys! Welcome to your FIRST immunity challenge! For this challenge, each tribe will have their own forum! If you forget which tribe you are on, please see the homepage. If you score for the other tribe, too bad ;) this challenge is called "Number Cruncher," and here is how it works.

In a field, there are hundreds of boxes, colour coded for each tribe. Graciosa is red, Corvo is green, just like your tribe colors. On your tribe's forum, the whole tribe will collectively try to stack a set of boxes as high as possible!

This is what the post looks like:

*Posts "insert box number"*. It's that simple! BUT there are rules!

1) Once you post a number, you must wait for 2 other tribe members to post before you can do so again.

2) There are no time limits between posts. If you post, someone else can post immediately.

3) This will be semi-live. The challenge will START at 10:00pm EST on March 13 (in one hour) and it will end at 8:00am EST at March 15.

Team with the highest number of boxes wins! This challenge lasts 34 hours, which is a decent amount of time :)

Have questions? ASK! Good luck :)

Graciosa's forum:

Corvo's forum:
73 days 16 hours ago
I'm not having the challenge start right away so people can have time to see it before it starts. Just a reminder if starts in an hour.
72 days ago
Graciosa wins!

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