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Individual Immunity Challenge 4

Topic » Individual Immunity Challenge..

2411 days 17 hours ago
This challenge is called FUZZY WUZZY BROWN. What I will do is I will be hiding pairs of colors behind 15 panels. Your object is to successfully matchup each pair by guessing 2 panels at a time. The twist is, I WILL NOT TELL YOU WHICH COLOR GOES TO WHICH NUMBER.


If you guess Panels 3 and 14, and I say Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown and Fluorescent Yellow, that DOES NOT MEAN Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown is 3 and Fluorescent Yellow is 14.

The reason there are 15 panels is because 1 color will not have a match. You will not know which color this is. The person who correctly matches all of the colors in the least number of guesses will win Immunity. In the event of a tie, the person who completed their challenge first will win Immunity.

Each person will have a different grid.

Mail me when you are ready to begin.
2411 days 16 hours ago
The 8 colors being used are the following:

Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown
Fluorescent Yellow
Minty Green
Cotton Candy
Boston Tea Party

7 have matches and 1 does not
2411 days 15 hours ago
This challenge needs to be completed by 10pm eastern time tomorrow night!
2411 days 12 hours ago
I assume this is done through PM's in the system?  Can we also complete through skype if we can catch you on there?
2411 days 4 hours ago
Yeah you can do it on skype as well
2411 days 3 hours ago
I just did some numbers on looks like, with perfect play, but worst possible luck, it is solvable in 20 moves maximum.  I have to keep looking to see if better play leads to a better position, but I don't think so.
2410 days 17 hours ago
Since I was not here when LilRigler wanted to play, I will give him a bit more time to compete
2409 days 22 hours ago
I will now reveal results!
2409 days 22 hours ago
Since Mastropola refused to compete in the challenge she gets last place and a penalty vote at tribal council.

Two people finished at 18 and the winner finished at 15.
2409 days 22 hours ago
Immunity goes to............................KORY

Congrats Kory you are now in the final three!!!

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