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QWRS21 ~ The Amazing Race 2

Topic » QWRS21 ~ The Amazing Race 2

2349 days 8 hours ago
2349 days 8 hours ago
Current Racers:

Austin // Jacob (Webly/Kpnna) (WON THE AMAZING RACE)

2nd: Steve // Will (2Beastly/IceBeast) (Lost in the Finale in Seattle, Washington)
3rd: Kelly // Alexa (Kelly0412/AlexaVonTrayne) (Did not do the final leg)
4th: Tyler // Josh (bamold1999/MrOrange890) (Eliminated in Yokohoma, Japan)
5th: Romeo // Ahmae (BritishRomeo17/?) (Eliminated in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
6th: Devin // James (MaryBethDaisy/splozojames50) (Removed due to not being able in compete in Antananarivo, The Madagascar)
7th: Adam P. // Darrius (mradamman12/DarriusDaBest) (Eliminated in Tunis, Tunisia)
8th: AJ // Chandler (KingGeek/Chandlerp1996) (Eliminated in Athens, Greece)
9th: Ethan // Chris (Cyrus/Mybash_) (Ejected due to Cyrus cheating/sharing information in Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
10th: Bonnie // Jake (bigdizzleyomama/Jkjkjk15) (Eliminated in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
11th: Adam L. // Garret (AdamLovesEverything/Obstreperous) (Eliminated in Nassau, The Bahamas)

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