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Tengaged's Next Top Model Cycle 6 Winner Interview!

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2431 days ago
Ladies & Gentlemen Please welcome to RM Magazine & RM Model Management.... MARGAUX BROOKE!
Winner of Tengaged's Next Top Model Cycle 6!

So Margaux, your RM Magazine Cover & Spread are out and the people at home are dying to know how you are and how you have been since the show. Here are 10 questions that the people at home are dying to know!

1. Who did you get along with most in the house?
2. Who did you get along with least in the house?
3. Which was your favorite Photoshoot?
4. Which was your favorite Challenge?
5. Who was your favorite Judge and why?
6. What have you been doing since you won the show?
7. What do you have planned for the future?
8. Did you like your RM Magazine Cover & Spread?
9. If you Would not have not been the winner, who would you have preferred to take the title?
10. Will we see you in the Judges Panel in Cycle 7?

Thank you very much Margaux and Congratulations for making it this far in your career!
2426 days 20 hours ago
1. Definitely Jasmine. She's such a sweet girl with a huge passion for absolutely anything she loves and she helped me out whenever I was ever having difficulties with issues on or off of the show.

2. I wouldn't say I didn't really get along with anyone! Each model is so talented and amazing in their own way, I respect them all way more than you can even imagine. I found some of them threats to me, but I did get along with everyone and I miss them all.

3. My favourite photo shoot was probably Week 2's beauty shot shoot. I feel very comfortable doing beauty shots and I was extremely confident in myself that week.

4. My favourite challenge was definitely Week 7's advertisement challenge. I had so much fun with it!

5. My favourite judge was probably Raygan. He helped me improve a lot with honesty but still being polite and I appreciate him being level headed the whole season.

6. I've been working on a couple of gigs, some I can't tell you about just yet! But the show has helped me get noticed by several magazines and I've gotten quite a few offers from several companies.

7. Just trying to make my way to the top! Working so hard to get there is tiring but I'm very determined to get there.

8. I did indeed. I sort of wish I went with a more darker take on it as opposed to a summery one, but I love it.

9. I think all three of us deserved to win, but if I only had to choose one it would have been Ronel. Ronel was so consistent and as close to perfection as you can be for a male model - it was so great seeing his photos every week because they made me strive to be that good.

10. For sure!

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