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4574 days 22 hours ago

If you are interested please answer this question correctly...
(****be creative as possible****)

If there was a zombie apocalypse, where would you go and why?
4574 days 22 hours ago
i would go to buckingham palace and lock the gates and all the doors/windows so the zombies cud not get in! i have always wanted to live like a king so it wud be so ideal for me, pluss the queen might keep a secret or two in her drawers...
4574 days 21 hours ago
i would go to the gym and buy a lot of treadmills, put them at top speed and face them outward in a circle around my house, so no zombie can get in.
4574 days 21 hours ago
Good question? Where would I go? Well, for one, my WHOLE street would be infested by zombies, so, knowing this I would probably have to travel underground, and build my way all the way up to America, where I would then elect myself as president, and have a little mess around. Who wouldn't want to take advantage of that? I mean, come on! If I survived after that... I would stock up on supplies of candy and chocolate until I die from lack of protein or something. It's GENIUS!
4574 days 21 hours ago
I would get as far away from the city as possible. Cities = a lot of zombies. I would go to a secluded house or farm in the countryside that has big gates all around it.
4574 days 19 hours ago
Easy, kidnap Chuck Norris, he will save me from the zombies, because he is CHUCK MOTHA FUCKING NORRIS, hell whip those zombies ass.
4574 days 19 hours ago
If there was a zombie apocalypse, where would you go and why?

Disneyland, and I wouldn't be a stupid bitch and cut the lights on :]


Hi maff (wave)
4574 days 17 hours ago
I would go to the CIA base in Virginia (i live 10 minutes away) and load up on what I need. I'd also call Justin Beiber. I'd tell him to meet me in Lorton. (where the CIA base is) He'd come and when the zombies would find me, and I'd make him use his singing and it probably would kill the zombies.
4573 days 18 hours ago
i would would saty there(being me) of corse i would survie and kill all of the zombies and then become king of the world cuase evreyone would be in ym debt
4573 days 4 hours ago
I would go to Japan and blow all the bitches up.
4572 days 19 hours ago
I would go to a hidden pot stash house and lite the pot on fire. So, when  the zombies came, they would inhale the pot and die from the pot's power ;P
4572 days ago
I would go to the moon and build a fast food franchise on it for the zombies and make them fat and ball-shaped so I can push them off the moon XD (I know this is so stupid and I'm not going through :/)

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