Survivor City 16: Cairo

Basically Survivor + Big Brother

You will experience a lot of original game challenges by me.

Winner will get a design gift ( Yes i saved some ts for this shit).

Second Gen Winners-

SC11- Cape Town: Calvin (SmoothStalker12)
SC12- Quebec     : Amanda (dvs134)
SC13- Guangzhou: Liam (lliiaamm)
SC14- Valencia     : Quinn (NeonGrape1)
SC15- PLATINUM (All-Stars 2)  :  X (FireX)

Survivor Phase:
Luther (Notable Players), Zwingli (Notorious Players)
16th- Hoop, lhooper902976- SC 14: Valencia 8th Place, Luther Tribe, (4-2)
15th- AJ, zorbo678- SC11: Cape Town, 3rd Place, Zwingli Tribe, (4-1-1)
14th-  Natalie-queennatalie00- SC 13: Guangzhou, 4th Place , Luther Tribe, (3-1-1)
13th-  Dibby, Dibby1010- SC 14: Valencia, 2nd Place, Zwingli Tribe, (3-2)
12th-  Chris, Chrisdooger- SC 8- Tokyo, Winner**, VIP wildcard, Luther Tribe, Merge Tribe
11th-  Will, hellomynameis347- SC 14: Valencia, 10th Place, Zwingli Tribe, Merge Tribe (Lost in Elimination Challenge)

Big Brother Phase /Jury Phase:
10th-  Tim, lionsden121- SC 12: Quebec, 2nd Place / Zwingli Tribe (4-2 against Crypt)
9th-  Michele, MichelleFitzgerald- SC 14: Valencia, 5th Place/Zwingli Tribe/ Merge Tribe (3-2 against Emmett))
8th- Brady, Coachwade- SC 14: Valencia, 3rd Place, Zwingli Tribe/ Merge Tribe (2-2/HOH tie-breaker)
7th-  Crypt, Cryptspartan- SC 12: Quebec, 4th place, Luther Tribe/ Merge Tribe (2-2/HOH tie-breaker)
6th-  Emmett- Emmett44, SC13- Guangzhou, 6th Place*, Zwingli Tribe/ Merge Tribe ( 2-1 against Zyler)
5th-  Calvin / SmoothStalker12- SC 11: Cape Town, Winner / Luther Tribe/ Merge Tribe (2-0 against Garett)
4th-  Ryan, RL10- SC 14: Valencia, 7th Place, Luther Tribe/ Merge Tribe (1 vote to evict by POV holder)
3rd-  Zyler, MJFJUNe- SC 9: Venice 7th Place /VIP wildcard/ Zwingli /Merge Tribe (1 vote to evict by final HOH)

-50 % Jury vote, 50% Public vote-

Runner-up:  Garret, Obstreperous- SC11: Cape Town, 6th Place, Luther Tribe/Merge Tribe (4 jury votes, 23.95% Public)
Winner: X- FireX, 18,- SC13: Guangzhou, 9th Place, Luther Tribe/Merge Tribe (4 jury votes, 76.1% Public )


All challenges will be either live , non-live or semi-live. I will update it from time to time.

Previous Winner & Games created by Azri/Subfriend:

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Survivor City 16: Cairo

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