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Niassa Camp

Topic » Niassa Camp

4234 days 3 hours ago
Niassa tribe may talk here.
4233 days 23 hours ago
Hey tribe :)

For me tribe name and color is not that important, so I don't want to make any decisions. It's pretty much up to you guys.
4233 days 18 hours ago
hey guys
4233 days 17 hours ago
We will stay as Navy :)

Good luck
4232 days 6 hours ago
*Reward arrives at Camp*
For coming 1st in todays challenge you receive a reward.
Today's reward will help you build a shelter
Every player may choose 1 item to search for a hidden immunity idol clue, you post your choice here. I will mail the person who finds the clue.

- Toolbox
- Tarp
- Saw
- Wooden Planks
- Machette
- Rope
4232 days 6 hours ago
Yay, we won Immunity! Good job tribe!

Okay, I guess I'll be the first to choose an item...

I'll go with the Toolbox.
4232 days 4 hours ago
ill choose the tarp
4232 days 2 hours ago
Saw, please.
4223 days 5 hours ago
4223 days 5 hours ago
Nice. :P
1053 days 9 hours ago
*sneaks back in and burns the camp to the ground*

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