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Sequester Format

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536 days 14 hours ago

PreJury Phase:
- Each round there will be a new twist added to the game, at the end of each round 1 person will be eliminated and head to the "comeback house."
- Before leaving, the player eliminated will choose 2 people they wish to compete in a challenge, the winner stays and the winner is also eliminated
-This means each round there will be TWO players eliminated
-After 10 players have been eliminated there will be a comeback challenge for 1 of the eliminated players to return

Jury Phase:
- In the Jury Phase there is only 1 person eliminated each round. The person voted out will select 1 person they wish to compete against. The winner stays in, the loser is sent to the "Jury House"

There will be at least 1 LOS hidden on There will be clues scattered out on where to find the LOS's. First person to find it will claim it.

How to use an LOS:
An LOS is like survivor's hidden immunity idol. It can either be used to protect yourself from getting voted out (must be played before votes are revealed) OR used to prevent the player from being dragged into an elimination round, forcing the player choosing them to pick someone else.

An LOS is good to be used until Final 6, after that all LOS's are VOID

At the end of the game the Jury of 9 will cast a vote for the winner of Sequester.
536 days 14 hours ago
For any questions please leave them here and I will answer them in a FAQ forum that I will make before the start of the game.
535 days 20 hours ago
*peeks head in as ACTUAL LIVE SEQUESTER SEASON 1 player*

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