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41 days 11 hours ago
Gold Team, for losing this challenge you will face the Vault and must now nominate 2 members of your team for elimination and have their checks placed in the strongbox to join your losing Team Captain.

GentlemanG, as the losing Team Captain, your check is automatically in the strongbox and you are up for elimination.  You will also not participate in the Vault vote unless there is a tie.

Gold Team, you each will now have 2 votes to use for this Vault Vote.  You may use both votes to vote for the same person or split them and vote for 2 different people.  You are allowed to vote for yourself if you wish to.  If you do not vote then both votes become self votes against you.

To be clear you may only cast votes for the following people:


The 2 people who receive the most votes will have their checks placed in the strongbox and be up for elimination.  In the event of a tie, the Team Captain will break the tie.

You will have until 2 am est TOMORROW (23 hours from now) to send me your votes either on Tengaged or Skype.  Once you send me your votes, they are LOCKED and CANNOT BE CHANGED so be sure when you send it.

Good luck.
40 days 9 hours ago
Sorry had a typo in the vote.

doubledarefan01 actually voted: HighNoon/rodrigueseve

It did not change the result.
40 days 9 hours ago
I can reveal the votes.  All eligible voters sent in a vote by the deadline.

Player - Vote

Kelly0412                        HighNoon/HighNoon
mysterygame2                        HighNoon/HighNoon
rodrigueseve                        HighNoon/Kelly0412
HighNoon                        mysterygame2/mysterygame2
jman96                        HighNoon/HighNoon
doubledarefan01                        HighNoon/rodrigueseve

Vote Tally:

8 - HighNoon
2 - mysterygame2

1 - Kelly0412
1 - rodrigueseve
0 - jman96
0 - doubledarefan01

A decision has been made.  HighNoon and mysterygame2 will have their checks placed in the strongbox and will join GentlemanG as eligible for elimination.

Info on the Voiding Ceremony posted shortly.
39 days 23 hours ago
rodrigueseve                        HighNoon/Kelly0412

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