RSF Season 50: Clash of the Champions

7 and a half years ago, in late 2010, the RSF Franchise began with a battle on the beach to become the 1st RSF Champions.  48 seasons after that the franchise returned to that beach to do it all over again and anoint 2 more champions.

Across these 7 and a half years we have seen 367 players do battle across many different formats and ultimately only 52 of those players have achieved the illustrious title of RSF Champion.

Now as a new day dawns we prepare to begin the landmark 50TH SEASON of the RSF Franchise to close out Generation 3 before the series takes time to rebuild for a new crop of players in Generation 4.  With this monumental season, it is time to step things up a notch.

Throughout RSF Series past we have seen intense competition, complicated strategies and explosive arguments.  While many friendships have been made we have seen several break apart due to the nature of the game.

Now it is time to see who can claim the title of RSF Champion in this landmark 50th season to earn new prizes as well as one of the most valuable prizes of them all, the title of RSF Golden Champion

No matter what the cost players have proven they will do whatever it takes to win and no one has been able to prove that better than people who have ultimately reigned victorious.  It is time to see if they can prove if they can do it one more time or if they fall just short.

Tune in as we see some of the best of the best do battle potentially one last time in one of the most brutal seasons to date.

I welcome you all to
RSF Season 50: Clash of the Champions

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2nd - Piddu (Lost Seven Deadly Sins)
3rd - Lalisa (Lost Seven Deadly Sins)

4th - FrenchMaid (Lost to Ethan000 in Blokus Extreme)
5th - nbkiller (Lost to Lalisa in Boxed In)
6th - awwsum11 (Lost to FrenchMaid in Boxed In)
7th - splozojames50 (Lost to Lalisa in Rainbow Connection)
8th - aiwfwyattroh (Lost to Ethan000 in Rainbow Connection) (DID NOT ATTEMPT)
9th - Patrick319 (Black Pair) (Lost to nbkiller in Roll the Dice)
10th - mysterygame2 (Black Pair) (Lost to FrenchMaid in Roll the Dice)
11th - semajdude (Red Pair) (Lost to nbkiller in Pulley Problems)
12th - LaFierceBrittany2 (Red Pair) (Lost to FrenchMaid in Pulley Problems)
13th/14th - bbfan21 (Green Pair) (Lost to semajdude in Temple Trials)
13th/14th - rodrigueseve (Green Pair) (Lost to LaFierceBrittany2 in Temple Trials)
15th/16th - BOBROCKS333 (Red Team) (Lost to awwsum11 in Line it Up)
15th/16th - BBlover96 (Blue Team) (Lost to mysterygame2 in Line it Up)
17th - Timster (Blue Team) (Lost to splozojames50 in Bet On It)
18th - Jordonk (Blue Team) (Lost to bbfan21 in Bet On It)
19th - Christian_ (Blue Team) (Lost to Ethan000 in Round and Round We Go)
20th - wuau (Blue Team) (Lost to Patrick319 in Round and Round We Go)
21st - Pieguy555 (Lost to Jordonk in Flipper)
22nd - nick9811 (Lost to Pieguy555 and Jordonk in Flipper)
23rd - Gaiaphagee (Lost to semajdude in Flipper)
24th - Jkjkjk15 (Lost to BBlover96 in Beep Boop Beep)
25th - Absol (Lost to aiwfwyattroh in Beep Boop Beep)
26th - coolexchangestudent (Lost to awwsum11 in Duel Pole Dancing)
27th - Novamax243 (Lost to bbfan21 in Duel Pole Dancing)
28th - jharrin7887 (Lost to rodrigueseve in Scales of Justice)
29th - nothingbutrouble (Lost to wuau in Scales of Justice)

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