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Update(August 2018)

Topic » Update(August 2018)

993 days 17 hours ago
Hey! Your 17th favorite host is back!

Hope everyone is doing well, just thought i'd give you guys a life update since the last time i've been really active online.

So, in May I finally graduated from college, which was one of the greatest days of my life thus far. About a month after that, I moved out of my house and moved to a completely different state. That's right, I no longer am a pizza delivering/managing dude.

I recently took on a general managing position at a major chain store (for the time being until I am able to get something better). Everything is going well thus far in the work/home life department.

I did want to hop back on here to let you guys know that sometime in either the near or distant future, I will be using spare time of mine to get the last rankings of this series out. With as much as i'm working, any spare time is really me sleeping or watching episodes of The Office (so good btw). So, hopefully by the holidays i'll have more of that out for you guys to look through.

Also, I attempted to start a wiki for Gen 3, but I sort of fell out of working on it when I moved and I have zero motivation to do it. But I will hopefully get that going and i'll let you all know about that whenever I am ready to release it.

Anyways though, life is good...hope you all are having a great time outside of this series. Take care and i'll be seeing some of you around (you can find me on Skype or Discord @Cmack311)

Also, how about that Survivor Maryland All-Stars this year? I hope my 3rd favorite overall wins it!

993 days 16 hours ago
Love u
955 days 9 hours ago
CARL OHMYGOD <3333 I’m glad to know you’re still doing well! Ily! <3

I just started college actually as soon as you left lmfao. It’s been a ride.

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