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Super (Quick RP)

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186 days 7 hours ago
~Episode 3 Coming Soon just waiting for a fate to do it~
159 days 13 hours ago
Character Name: Stella Harlow  (Lilith)
Age: 18
Power/Abilities: Cosmic abilities.
Weakness: She doesn't know how to use her powers, so they sometimes end up out of her control.
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Traits (3-5): Feisty, bold, devil-may-care, wild, emotional.
Bio: Stella's sick and tired of being under the thumb of the Harlow family, well-known villains that are extremely wealthy and equally dangerous. She's sick of being verbally abused and dead-named by her unloving family, so she's on the run. She has no clue where she's going or what the hell she's doing. All she knows is she wants to go up, up, up and away to a place where her past can never find her again and she can be truly happy. However, she's found herself in trouble time and time again because she keeps running with the wrong crowds. She trusts too easily and falls too hard for it.
Face Claim: Hunter Schafer

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