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Fifth Deliberation

Topic » Fifth Deliberation

5325 days 4 hours ago
Emmaleigh, loosens and cheznahuf are up. Please plead your case here to fellow players and to me.

One of you will be saved by the vote, one of you will be saved by me and the other will go get eradicated.
5325 days 4 hours ago

Final vote to save. Two more eliminations before the final chavllenge (number seven)
5325 days 4 hours ago
Om in da bottum agen?
ah don fink so.
You lam ass fack similly chavs best not be savin dem otha gurlz.
Cos Faffy will go awl jihad on you lot.
5325 days 4 hours ago
nartamean?  -  That alone is reason enough to keep Faffy in the competition.
5324 days 8 hours ago
faffy was saved by votes.

This is the hardest choice I'll have to make. I thought both loosens and Emmaleigh would make the finals. Both have put TREMENDOUS effort into this game and have been talking to me outside of the game as well.

It hurts me to say this...but I have to eliminate loosens. You did amazingly in the first three rounds (and I definitely would've ranked you higher than what the judges had), but when it came to the games, you did not deliver. And as we all know, I love humour and creativity, but I'm a big gamer and need someone who can roll with me.

loosens, you have been eradicated :'(

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