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Fourth deliberation

Topic » Fourth deliberation

5358 days 19 hours ago
One of the four will be saved. One person will be eradicated.

Plea here.
5358 days 18 hours ago
Y'all I really am learnin to be a chav. To be a chav, its been rough. Life is rough to begin with. Its so stressful being a chav, not doing your schoolwork, drinkin all the time, bein bad ass, makin fun of emos, and loving you. All at once!
I'd really love to stay, If I dont maybe I'll go emo, but seriously everytime I do my schoolwork irl I think of chav's. I dont know why, but it said somethin about a chav and I was like ooh :)
Plus I'm bad ass, everything I'm learning on here, I'm using in real life.
Chavs stand up to police officers, so I told his ass off!
I gotta kick back in my adias mate, and lean back in this tracksuit sippin some drinky.
I even got a Croydon Facelift, and some new shiney gold earrings to wear to practive bein a chavette, and a burberry hat :(..

Last weekend i held up a bus to get some drink for my fellow chavs!

yall in chav language i b spittin this out :
ere chavs wats that nigga lookin at-ee is ganna get a beatin-dere be blood on da floor man. oi faggot you startin or wha? yo mumma got banged up by ma dog hoe coz i wana stay fuk yall.
5358 days 9 hours ago
:( I love this game and really wanna stay..I bid the most on you in the first round, that says it all :') I even learned this dance just for
5358 days 3 hours ago
Well there was a stupid tie in the votes, so instead of re-voting or anything, let's just let JJJJ be eradicated as she was the lowest vote getter. Cherri-Lambrini was genius, but no reason in keeping her around :(

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