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First deliberation

Topic » First deliberation

5372 days 2 hours ago
Here the players on "to be eradicated" list can post your speech to fellow players to convince them to vote to save you.

The first eliminations will also occur later in this thread once we find out which three players will be up for deliberation.
5371 days 18 hours ago
I hope I make it through the vote but if I don't I want to post in here just in case I go into labor.
The other day my bf Jazel came over with some joints and i was like dude i'm preggers but then i was like so trippin so whatevs
so no one told me that ur not suppose to smoke when ur preggers. i mean i smoke all the time and like nothing happens.
anyway i've been in the hospital ... that was some bad shit let me tell u
So Marqwashineeke took my kids and when I tried to pick up little Bathsheeba and Nafessa I realized that we all have lice.
Anyway. Iloveyousosososososo much and I hope u love me too cause the doctor said that i can get rid of the lice and the kids really need a father.
come on pabs let me be ur spermed up lass. i luv ur chav cream.
5371 days 3 hours ago
Mrs. Garrett has been saved by her fellow players. This means that Maggie, Genevere and Seezle will be up for deliberation. Please post your final speeches here and I will eliminate TWO of you when I come back later tonight.
5371 days 3 hours ago
Well I screwed up, I did the first part of the challenge and ditn't c the picshurrrr think and I stull wanna be hurr, so don't git rid of me, kay? I rlly luv chuz and I dun't wanna goo yet.

5370 days 16 hours ago
Oh. ffs. I'm waiting. hrruy on maggie. I'll choos tomeorower. My drunk heart too cdrunk to choose.
5370 days 7 hours ago
Okay, I'm no longer drunk enough to choose.

Maggie, I'm not sure what to think here. I know you well, but you really haven't put much effort in here. So much you didn't even write a speech earlier.

Ginny, you're the same. You didn't post anything for the challenge and aside from your last minute speech, you haven't shown me much love. And we all know you do.

Sizzle, I haven't talked to you much before. I was hoping that you would show more of yourself and why I should like you in this challenge and this speech. But you still come up as a question mark for me.

Seezzle, I'm sorry. You're a lovely chav, but I just don't think you've proven that you're here for me.

I wasn't sure which one of Maggie or Genevere should be eliminated earlier. And I was kinda hoping the players would've saved one to make the decision easy for me. But no, they had to save Haskova, who I was going to save anyway.

5370 days 7 hours ago
I decided to keep the person who has a better chance to do well in the second chavllenge. Ginny, you really have to step up your game in there. I almost eliminated you, but your last minute speech really helped your case.

I'm sorry Arsen. Your love for chavs is over. You have been eradicated, just like bad chavs should be.
5370 days 5 hours ago

u suck BOO. i was here for the long run

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