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42 days 17 hours ago


— — LIGHT IT UP — —

This game is a 20 minute speed trial with two components to it. Your goal in this mission is to place as many light bulbs (on your own forum) as possible, before then cracking electricity to light them.

To place a light bulb, you must simply post:


WARNING: The number of light bulbs you place on your board will impact the second component of this challenge. I HIGHLY advise you keep count of how many light bulbs you place.

The second component of this competition is the most important part. In order for a light bulb to count towards your total, it has to be LIT. To light a bulb, you must post.


For 1 single light bulb to be lit, it requires a total of 3 cranks on the wheel. So if you posted 10 bulbs, you’d have to crank it 30 times total to light them all.

Each of these actions will be done in SEPARATE posts, and you MUST use the phrase exactly like I have it.

Now this is the important part, any light bulbs that are on your board at the end of the 20 minutes that have NOT been lit will result in a penalty of a 3 light bulb deduction from your score for each! So you MUST pay attention to how many bulbs you are lighting.

NOTE: You must do all your PLACING of bulbs BEFORE you do any CRANKING. You cannot alternate between them. So, first place the number of bulbs equivalent to how much cranking you think you can do in the remaining time, before starting the cracking. You CANNOT go back to place more bulbs at any point!

The player with the most lit bulbs in 20 minutes, after penalty deductions, wins the Duel and stays alive.
42 days 17 hours ago
Players may play at any point by making their forum with their NAME as the title and starting. I’ll use the Tengaged timings to cut it off at 20 minutes. Results are due at 5pm EST tomorrow.

Evan and LeQuisha as the two Duelers get to play on private forums where they are unable to see each others results, by contacting me to play. I will be most free from approx 1pm EST tomorrow but MAY be contactable during the day if I’m not busy.

The Fallen will have to compete it in THIS group where other people’s games will be visible. If you don’t want people to aspire to do better than you when they see your results (if anyone can be bothered), then play it as late to the deadline as you can.
42 days 16 hours ago
Fallen people in case you missed it Wednesday may be a no-go for the return comp, and it may now take place Thursday. More to follow.
42 days 16 hours ago
PLAYERS end lists for 5pm tomorrow for the final Safety Challenge if required!
42 days 14 hours ago
It’s Mardi Gras I cant do this duel today I’m sorry thx for a fun game Shawn I’m like 99% sure I won’t be able to do this at all

Just gonna say I’m......... disappointed!
42 days 13 hours ago
I’m gonna be tripping all day until way after this is due so I just won’t have time to complete this

*raises white flag* good luck everyone. Chloe and James I just..... good luck without me lmao
41 days 17 hours ago
LeQuisha wins the duel because Evan didn't compete in it.

No official Fallen Results tonight because Shawn is sick.
40 days ago
Final Scores
Anthony - 134
Will I. - 122
Chandler - 101
Alan - 45
Logan - 29
Birks - 239 - DQ'd for suspicious results

I was very ill the day I just looked at the forum (still not great now), but now that the results are officially in I see what people were having issues in, and what I might have overreacted at without calculating the results.
40 days ago
Firstly, Anthony reached his total before the 20 minute cut-off and going over it were extras which did not count (as he had already got there). Thereby, fairs fair in my books and I'm not going to remove him for having continued posting over 5pm when his time ran out anyway. Not when I think the next issue is a more serious transgression.

Now, I was not fully aware JUST how suspicious Birks' results were until the calculatings,. Considering the fact that prior to this in ALL Suitman history - that 15 seasons before now - the highest solo score was James in Double Trouble with 146, and 150 by Marks and Ryan Brown in SFN Cutthroat, I am now very suspicious of these results, and cannot rule out foul play. I can't prove it but at the same time... I'm now convinced that a solo score of 239 all lit light bulbs is a score that could not have been performed solo. So I am DQ'ing Birks from this round, although he will still be able to compete in the final duel chance.

I'm sure Birks will take issue at this, but I offer to him to prove that it's his solo performance by running it again with a screen capture (and people posting elsewhere to break the spam block) for how he managed to get 1 post in every 1.3 seconds. Then I'll put him into the return comp if it's satisfactory. I think people will find that fair game.

Otherwise, Anthony and Will I. advance to the Fallen Comeback challenge which is NOW at 5pm EST on Friday.

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