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How to Play- I Love T$

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3768 days 11 hours ago
(Updated Version for ILT$7)

Here is a FAQ post that explains how a normal game of I Love T$ goes, *with no twists*, to hopefully squash most of the questions. There are a couple changes from the last season (the main thing being the Gold Coin system I have added), as usual, as I try to improve things from season to season.

~Important Opening Message~

This game will be like no other you've played in before. If you've played in ORGs (and I mean legit ones, not like the Frookies you play on here), the amount of work you have to put into it shouldn't be overwhelming. This game can be very enjoyable, IF you put the effort into it and are active. This is NOT a game for the lazy, I certainly am usually working constantly to keep the game functioning for you. I understand that this FAQ a LOT of text, but if you read this and understand it all, nothing of the game's format should surprise you, and you should have an easy first few cycles in the game.

~Team Captain Selection~

Let's say these are our teams:
GOLD: Sally Johnny Mark Wallace Vicky Nick La'Kisha Alicia
GREEN: Evan Kim Seth Dolly Xavier Sophie Olga Harry

Each team will vote for a team captain, you CAN vote for yourself, and there must be a clear winner, if not, you're putting it down to between the people tied. You only get ONE vote when voting for team captain. Everyone must have been a team captain on your team before you can be team captain a second time.

GOLD: Johnny- 4 votes Nick- 2 votes Alicia- 2 votes (Johnny is Gold's captain)
GREEN: Kim- 3 votes Xavier- 3 votes Olga- 1 vote Sophie- 1 vote ( selects Xavier to be Green's captain)


There will be ONE challenge, non-live, or live, and the winning team's captain is the PAYMASTER, and the team is safe for the cycle, while the losing team's captain is automatically in the Bottom 3 for the cycle.

GOLD wins, Johnny is Paymaster, Gold Team is safe.
GREEN loses, Xavier is in the Bottom 3 for the cycle, rest of team is safe for now.
I don't mean to make mistakes with challenges, like a mistake in a question or my description of the challenge may be confusing, but if they happen, please calmly tell me, and don't whine and bitch about it. More than likely if you calmly tell me what's wrong I'll fix it.
Same goes for not understanding how a challenge works, don't just say to me "I DON'T UNDERSTAND", because I don't know what specifically you're having trouble with understanding, just calmly ask me what's confusing you, and I or someone who does understand can explain it.

~Gold Coin System~ (goes with ~The Vault~ section)

Your Gold Coins in your account are used in order to buy Immunity for The Vault. Everyone starts out with 20 Gold Coins, and the winning team will receive an extra 30 coins in their account. Losers receive nothing. You will bid via MAIL. The highest bidder (or fastest bidder in ties) will be immune, and have all votes for them cancelled. The only thing that will be revealed is the winner of the Immunity, not how much anyone bid on it, or everyone's total of Gold Coins after the bidding. If no one bids on Immunity for the Vault ceremony, 20 Gold Coins will be taken away from EVERYONE on the team. Having the 20 Gold Coins taken from you is the only way you can have a negative number in your account. You CANNOT pool Gold Coins together with anyone, your Gold Coins are yours only.
3768 days 11 hours ago
~The Vault~ (goes with ~Gold Coin System~ section)

The losing team will then go into THE VAULT, where the team must deliberate for up to 24 hours who fills in the other two spots of the Bottom 3.
You get UP TO 3 votes, you CANNOT vote for yourself or your captain as they are already in the Bottom 3, and everyone including the captain must vote for AT LEAST one person, you CANNOT refuse to vote. You CANNOT change your vote, and you CAN choose to vote for someone, and then vote for someone else later down the road, as long as it's all within the deadline, but your later votes do not affect the ones you already made, those are final. You must discard any votes that you do not use.
*Votes will be sent to me via MAIL and will not be revealed until the end of the 24 hours. Your identity of who you voted for WILL be shown.*
The confusing part comes from the voting. You must have a clear consensus of your two people to go in the Bottom 3. If there isn't a clear consensus at the end of your 24-hour voting period, the Paymaster can select ANYONE from your team to go into the Bottom 3, even if they didn't receive a single vote, EXCEPT for the person that won the Immunity. Immunity grants you safety from the Bottom 3 UNLESS you do not vote, then your Immunity is stripped, and given to the next highest or fastest bidder, or removed if you won Immunity in a different method like a challenge. Immunity does NOT grant you freedom from doing my required tasks. If you have penalty votes, and you win Immunity for the cycle, your penalty votes will be carried to the next Vault ceremony that you are vulnerable.


Evan- Kim Seth Dolly
Kim- Olga Harry Seth
Seth- Dolly *discard* *discard*
Dolly- Harry Kim *discard*
Xavier- Dolly Olga Harry
Sophie- Kim Dolly *discard*
Olga- Dolly Sophie *discard*
Harry- Dolly *discard* *discard*

Olga bid the most on Immunity, and therefore, any votes for her are cancelled.

Xavier- (Already in the Bottom 3 since he was Captain) 0 votes
Evan- 0 votes
Seth- 1 vote
Sophie- 1 vote
Olga- 2 votes (IMMUNE)
Harry- 3 votes
Kim- 3 votes
Dolly- 6 votes

The Green Team could not decide just 2 more people to put in the Bottom 3; Johnny selects Evan and Kim to join Xavier in the Bottom 3. The rest of the Green Team is safe.

~Elimination Ceremony~

The Paymaster must then eliminate one of the Bottom 3. If you are the Paymaster, your elimination ceremony must be more than a couple of sentences.

So what you have to give me for your elimination ceremony is:
-A small opening, and then you can start your ceremony.
-You have to give the first check out at least but you are free to either give out a check or eliminate after that, but you have to give a reason why you're saving both the people you’re saving, and then why you're eliminating the other.
-And then after that you can add anything else if you want to! :)
-MAIL it to me when you're done, however, I don't want it until about 24 hours after the Vault ceremony is over, to give the Bottom 3 enough time to talk to you if they want to.

Johnny chooses to give Evan the first check, and then chooses to give Xavier the final check, eliminating Kim from the game. The first cycle is over.

There are no surprise elimination challenges, if they happen you will see them coming, the only way you'll be surprised at an Elimination Ceremony if you expected the Paymaster to do something totally different!

~The Merge~

When the merge hits, a couple things change:
-No need to vote for a team captain
-The winner of the challenge, the Paymaster, will be the only one to not vote in The Vault unless there is no clear consensus
-The last place finisher (Last Place Loser/LPL) of the challenge will automatically be in the Bottom 3
3768 days 11 hours ago
~A Rough Schedule~

So what I'll need from you each cycle: (subject to change with my schedule each cycle)
Day 1- Vote on new Captain
Day 2- Perform challenge
Day 3- Vote in The Vault if you lost
Day 4- Free Day; Vault Results Finalized
Day 5- Paymaster eliminates one of the Bottom 3


You'll also have to update me on your game through your confessional, usually you are given 24 hours from the elimination ceremony to hand in your cycle's confessional. Your confessionals must be well-detailed, the longer the better. Confessionals that I find to be lacking information will be denied, and you will have to rewrite them. If you do not have long confessionals, you probably are not doing much in the game, and it should be a sign to pick up your slack. You are allowed to hand in confessionals to me during the cycle as well, I love to know what's going on at all times. Your confessionals will NEVER be made public, or used for a challenge, I want your complete, uncensored thoughts about the past, present, and future of your own game, because only my eyes will see them.

~Penalty Votes~

The penalty for not doing my required tasks are PENALTY VOTES. They will be applied to the next Vault you attend once you receive them, and if you receive them during a Vault ceremony, they will be applied to that very same Vault ceremony.

Some things you shouldn't do and their consequence:
Don't vote for a team captain- 1 penalty vote
Don't do a non-live challenge- 4 penalty votes (Throwing a challenge is a different story, you may tell me you want to throw a challenge, and you won't get any penalty, just the fact that you wanted to throw the challenge will be known to everyone. If you do not attend a live challenge, no penalty will be assessed, but you risk your team having fewer people to do the challenge.)
Don't vote in The Vault- 6 penalty votes
Don't confess to me after every cycle- 4 penalty votes
Don't send me your elimination ceremony (as Paymaster) the day after the Bottom 3 is finalized- 2 penalty votes every day the ceremony isn't sent to me
Getting banned itself does not constitute a penalty vote or getting thrown out of the game as you can do everything through Skype except for some challenges, but I'd prefer if no one ever got banned during the game.

If there is a tie in The Vault between someone who got penalty votes, and someone who didn't have any penalty votes that Vault, the person who got the penalty votes will be the one to automatically go in the Bottom 3.

~Inactive Players~

I reserve the right to remove a contestant from the game for excessive inactivity. Usually during the very first few cycles of the game, if someone becomes inactive, and I remove them from the game, I'll supply a replacement for that team. Inactive players are very disrespectful to the players and the host, after I spend a lot of my time in order to supply this game for you.

~The Jury Vote~

The final 3 players will face the Jury, made up of [usually] the last 7 eliminated players, and the winner will be the one with the most votes! There must be 7 Jury members, so if one becomes inactive, the 1st non-Jury member will be the replacement for the inactive Jury member.

~Any Questions?~

I think that's everything! I'll add more if more is needed. Ask questions here if you have any!

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