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Topic » TenCAGED // FORMAT

54 days 3 hours ago
The game starts off with 16 players put into the cage where each round they will compete to win the Supreme competition and nominate players to face expulsion from the cage in a public poll.

- The player who wins Supreme each round will win safety & have the power to solely nominate somebody for expulsion.

- The rest of the players have 4 nomination points to spread among their peers. All nomination points can’t be put on one person. You can split them up 3-1, 2-2, 2-1-1, or you can even give four different players a nomination point if you choose to do so.

- The two players with the most nomination points face expulsion in the public poll with the Supreme’s killer nomination.

- Once the final 8 starts, it will switch from three nominees to two, and at this point in the game each player only has two nomination points to utilize. They may put both points on one person at this point in the game.

- The player who wins Supreme each round at that point will still win safety & have four nomination points to use instead of a killer nomination.

- This will go on until the final three. At that point the finalists will undergo three different trials: a competition, the public vote & the jury vote. Whoever has the best overall results & performance among those will be declared the winner of TenCAGED & win the $200 grand prize!

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