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HSC 9 - Semi Finals

Topic » HSC 9 - Semi Finals

49 days 9 hours ago
Hello everyone, welcome to the Semi Final stage of the ninth edition of the Harmony Song Contest hosted in Stepanakert, Armenia.

All votes need to be sent to me, @dragotistic (dragotistic on Tengaged) in a 12,10, 8-1 fashion. You are as always welcome to vote in both semi finals!

You can use this format if you’d like.

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
10 -
12 -

Voting for the semi finals will close on **Wednesday, March 13** at 11:59pm GMT / 6:59pm EST. If you do not vote in your designated semi-final, your country will be disqualified and will not qualify for the final. Your country will also be entered automatically into the free country draws for HSC 10. Please let the Council know if you may miss the deadline, there can be flexibility if we are given prior notice.



HSC…start voting now!
49 days 2 hours ago
Semi 2 recaptube link (Norway Entry being Blocked on YouTube Recap):
45 days 15 hours ago
Hello all! A couple quick announcements to make about the voting, and I’ll make this brief (editors note after this has been typed up: lol). To make up for any perceived time lost with the voting period, we are now extending the voting until FRIDAY, MARCH 15TH at 23:59 GMT. That gives y’all an extra 2 days to vote and we hope y’all feel comfortable with that time period :))

Secondly, we are honestly not sure how many countries will be staying/withdrawing with the current state of the contest. We do not want to make any firm decision until voting is closed, as we want to allow flexibility for everyone to make whatever decision they are comfortable with until the end of the semi final voting deadline. However, we do have a plan in place in case of withdrawals or countries not voting in the semi finals.

After lengthy discussion amongst the council, we have decided that if there is a difference of 3 voting semi finalists or greater, we will extend the amount of qualifiers to 11 to the semi final with the larger number of voting semi finalists. We want to be fair to all countries in this scenario, while keeping the structure of the grand final as intact as possible.

Finally, to account for the ongoing fluid situation, we are also making some changes to voting for the semi finals. When voting, please send a full set of rankings for the semi you are voting in. This is to account for potential withdrawing countries while allowing you to still support those songs with some confidence while things are being figured out.

Thank you all for being patient as the council discussed these issues, and we appreciate you all :))
35 days 20 hours ago
Semi Results Video!

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