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Harmony Song Contest 9 - Confirmations & Entry Submissions

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83 days 18 hours ago
Hi everyone!!!! You may now confirm for HSC 9, set to be held in Armenia! You can do this either on Discord or on Tengaged . You must confirm your participation before Saturday, 24th February at 23:59 GMT or you will lose your country.

You can also start submitting your entries in the form below, but please note that you cannot start your national final or reveal your internally selected entry until Saturday, 3rd February at 00:01 GMT All entries will be due on Saturday, 2nd March at 23:59 GMT.

You can check the approval status of your submission(s) in the link below. If there are any problems you will be contacted by a council member in due course.

You can find all rules in the appropriate ⁠rules channel, but if there are any questions regarding eligibility feel free to ask!

Happy HSC everyone! I’m excited y’all :))
60 days 22 hours ago
58 days 9 hours ago
MONACO confirmed a few days ago , its participation in the musical contest "SELECT SONG CONTEST"

The delegation will once again elect the representative internally! For now , there is a name that already sounds very strong to represent the country, however its participation cannot yet be confirmed!!!

Will MÒNACO return to the Grand Final.... or on the contrary will it sink again???
53 days 16 hours ago
52 days 18 hours ago
MONACO Announces its representative for "Harmony Song Contest" !!!

The MÒNACO delegation has announced the identity of the country's next representative in the musical contest "Harmony Song Contest".
On this occasion the delegation has decided to trust a well-known face within the country!

She is nothing more and nothing less than the Franco/Spanish OLIVIA RUIZ, who will appear on the stages of ARMENIA with her new single titled "LA REPLIQUE"

This new song is the expression of a fierce, non-negotiable freedom, and a new example of the Hispanic influence in the music of the artist whose grandparents went into exile in France during the civil war. In “La Réplique” there is only one slogan: “I am one of those who swim against the current, of those who refuse to go with the wind, of those who refuse to be the replica of the replica of the replica.”

Behind this strong and personal message, with which all those who do not want to give in to the dominant dictates can identify, there is an energy that makes the whole body vibrate, between the heat of a Latin rhythm and the roar of electronics.

From MONACO we wish all the luck in the world to our representative!!!
We hope you manage to connect with the tastes of Europe and get the best possible position!


TIMESLOT : 2.40 - 3.05

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