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Nominations #8 — The Gauntlet

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3 days 12 hours ago
**Votes due 11/24 (Wednesday) at 6:30 PM EST**

Welcome everyone to nominations!

The losing team captains are headed into elimination.
Blue Team Captain: smuguy2012
Yellow Team Captain: Kennel123

Kellen has decided to save jman96 & Dracarys!

The losing teams will now vote in one of their own team members into the Gauntlet. The vote will be revealed publicly, the Captain and the protected person can still vote. If there is a tie, the Captain will be the deciding vote.

The losing team captain will then face off against the nominee from their own team in the Gauntlet.

Winners remain in the game and return to their team while the losers are headed home.

If the Challenger beats the Captain, the Challenger will become the new Team Captain.
If the Captain beats the Challenger, the Captain can elect someone on their team to be the new Team Captain! (They can also keep the Captain position if they'd like)

*The elimination will then take place at 7:30 PM EST*

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Ian's The Challenge: The Gauntlet

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