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Episode 5: Aftermath

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73 days 6 hours ago
~●Inside The Dark Celestial Cave●~

The cave collapses around Emmett as he sits on stone slab in the center hugging a pillow. He softly sings to himself with his eyes closed trying to picture the details of Vincent's face. He had just seen him not long ago but it felt like it had been ages.

Emmett: "You are my..."

He winces as a huge rock crashes down next to him. Before he can resume his singing theres a flash of light which causes him to open his eyes. I front of him stand two of the faceless. One in white and one in black. They speak in unison.

Faceless: "Emmett Paragold, you have committed crimes against the Celestial Plane. You have disrupted the plans of the universe. You have rejected what was given."

Emmett: "And I'd do it again!"

Faceless: "That is not an option. Because of you the scales of balance are tipped forever. You have destroyed what hope remains."

Emmett: "Bull shit. I destroyed your means of control. The universe isnt yours to shape. We all make our own choices."

Faceless: "Resistance is futile. There will be order. We demand it. You were allowed your moment but that time as passed."

More rocks crash down around them

Faceless: "We will end you."

Emmett: "Look around you fucker. I'm fine with dying. I'll move on and get to see Vincent before I go to the other side."

Faceless: "Incorrect. You will die here. Forgotten. Buried beneath the rubble of your failure. Your supernatural link has been destroyed. Without Vampirism or the celestial power you are nothing but a mere man. Weak. Alone. Unloved. You will never see the ones you care about again."

Emmett: "At least they'll be free of you. Your influence is broken, and because of this they know you can be stopped."

Faceless: "For now, we will find another way. You have changed nothing. Only delayed what will be. Die now knowing that when you are gone we will eradicate all you've come to love."

They fade away in a blinding light. Emmett's eyes widen with realization. Vincent had opened up to him, given Emmett his trust. Emmett cant die here. He has to get back to Vincent to keep his promise. He climbs off the stone slab heading towards a crack in the wall of the gave that's glowing.

He avoids crashing rocks and debris holding onto hope that if he can just reach that glow he can get out of the cave and Ellis can come save him.

As he reaches the crack in the wall a rock falls from above crushing  leg. He screams out in pain. He tries to free himself but its extremely hard to do when several smaller rocks keep falling and hitting him on the head. Blood drips down his face.

Emmett: "No! No Nonono!!"

He tries as hard as he can but without his supernatural strength he cant move the rock. He starts to crying, the tears mixing with the blood, knowing he had let Vincent down. As the last bit of the cave collapses around him he whispers

Emmett: " I love you moonlight..."

The final collapse ending his life.

~●Five Minutes Later/The exit of Kyteler●~

Ellis gets off the ground exhausted after telling Vincent what became of Emmett back in the Celestial Cave.

Ellis: "I'm sorry...I couldn't save him or stop it from happening."

Vincent rests a supporting hand on his shoulder, aware teleportation of so many people can't be an easy feat. After a moment he speaks.

Vincent: "It wasn't your fault, Emmett went into that expecting to die... I can see that now. It was a suicide mission all along."

Ellis frowns

Ellis: "I wish he would have told me...maybe we could have done something else. Maybe there was another way...he was just so damn stubborn about everything."

Vincent: "There's nothing we can do now"

He looks at Ellis, wondering how well he really knows his brother.

Vincent: "But he did it? The dark celestial powers are really gone? At least he died free of it all..."

Ellis: "I think so...without another host to jump into the powers would just fade out of existence...he really wanted everyone to know he wasnt a bad guy...I just wish it wouldn't of taken this for everyone else to see that. I'm glad he had you at least."

Vincent: "He really did all this to make a statement, didn't he?"

He feels angry all over again.

Vincent: "A last hoorah. He was so worried about good and evil that it ended up being a knife in the chest."

Ellis: "I know...this is going to suck for a while, if you need a friend I'll be in the green house as usua-"

He gets cut off by Drew screaming for help. Vincent nods at him before turning around to look at Drew, refocusing on their current situation.

Drew: "Someone call an ambulance please! I- My magic isn't helping, I cant stop the bleeding!"

He's holding a very bloody Leo in his arms. Leo's eyes are half open.

Leo: "I- I c-c-cant feel my legs..."

Eunice calls an ambulance. After sometime of everyone trying to help Drew, the ambulance arrives. They load Leo up on a stretcher and put him in the back. Drew hops in to ride along leaving everyone else in the street to move on as they please...

~●The Bloody Mary●~

Anastasia is in chained up inside a coffin. She can hear voices outside speaking.

Male voice: "It's ours now, doesn't much matter what she thinks."

Female voice: "I guess you're right. Dump the concrete then. I don't wanna see this bitch ever again."

Anastasia fights against the chains but she's weakened due to the fact the coffin is filled with dried Vervain. Concrete is poured over the top of the coffin trapping her for all time to suffer desiccation without blood.

The people above ground smile as her coffin is covered.

Man: "This place will need a new name, dont you think?"

He smiles at the woman next to him before they both rip down The Bloody Mary's sign


(Welcome to episode 5! I hope you all had a nice break away from The Grove! I've been reflecting and trying to come up with new plot! That being said this episode will be very chill. I don't want to overwhelm us coming back Into it!

So episode 5 starts Thursday July 15th at 5 PM EST and will remain open until Sunday July 18th

The episodes event schedule will be as followed:

Thursday: Nothing, just get back into character and regroup from the events of episode 4

Friday: still not much, we'll have a little funeral for Emmett for those of you who actually liked him

Saturday: A chill day for personal character plot. This will allow me to give everyone a little love

And finally sunday: the grand opening of the bar. Formerly known as The Bloody Mary, now named The Mermaid lounge)
69 days 11 hours ago
(You may now post!)
69 days 11 hours ago
(I have a lot of work to do tonight so I'll probs be in and out)

*Newly developed character who's now a good guy ig, Alice Warburton, walks around town!*
69 days 11 hours ago
Wair Wolfe's in the background somewhere looking at Alice like 🥰🥰🥰 even as she's 😭😭😭 over Emmett simultaneously.
69 days 11 hours ago
*Here we have a quite emotionally exhausted Eunice, standing about without much on her mind beyond "Wow, that was a load of fuck, wasn't it?" She's pretty sure she owes Ellis a free coffee now or something, maybe some seeds for his garden. Beyond that, she sits down in the cafe to try and collect her thoughts.*

^College starts up in a couple days. Man, I am ever not ready... thank fuck it's online though...^


*Hideo, after probably revealing himself to a bunch of people, had to go back to work at the ice cream parlor anyway after however long it's been since last episode. He comes to an epiphany as he stands behind the counter.*

^I need a different job.^
69 days 11 hours ago
(I work for the enxt 3 days straight so my posting may be spotty!)
69 days 11 hours ago
Vincent glances around, not seeing much of a need for him to stick around, and heads back to Yasmin's to pack his shit up. He's not really thinking so much as going through the motions, his mind stuck on Emmett's death in a loop he can't escape. ^How did he even die...? If he's even dead yet.^ He looks up from tucking his demon cats safely away into the cat carrier he bought off-screen at some point, still not seeing a ghost.
69 days 11 hours ago
*Natalia is forcing Fishbone and Odwald to take nursery pictures with matching little outfits, which she stitched by hand.*
   Alright you two, smile for mommy!
*As they are literally animals, they do not smile. They effortlessly give off head empty no thoughts vibes as they stare blankly ahead at Natalia.*
69 days 11 hours ago
*Serena is in the cafe smirking and looking at her phone*
69 days 11 hours ago
Vincent walks into some random apartment from the apartment building he kind of stole an episode or so back, kicking the door shut behind him as he drops his few things onto the ground by the couch. "Lucky they furnish some of these places ahead of time, I guess," he says to his demon cats as he frees them from their carrier. "It's gonna be just you and me for a while." He tosses himself on the couch and stares at the ceiling, trying to empty his mind.
69 days 11 hours ago
*Eunice side-eyes the smirking Serena, trying her best not to be judgmental because she's just in... all kinds of a bad mood.*

^No lashing out Eunice, you have no idea who this person even is.^
69 days 11 hours ago
*Vincent would hear the thud of someone plopping down on the couch next to him*

Emmett: "Not a bad place! Very gloomy. Love it."
69 days 11 hours ago
*After taking a bunch of Polaroids of the little fellas, Natalia's itch is scratched! She removes thr little outfits from them and allows them to run amok Willow's house, laying out the photos on a table a few feet or so from her.*
^I don't *need* the spare room anymore so like.. what's the harm?^
   *She flips through them, magiking the keepers onto a string lights display she plans on hanging up.*
69 days 11 hours ago
*Theres a knock on Willow's front door*
69 days 11 hours ago
Alice is like 🙄 over Emmett because she literally has never met him but she feels someone watching her like 😍. How odd.
69 days 11 hours ago
Vincent scrambles back from Emmett looking at him uncomfortably. "...Thanks?" he settles on. "I should help you move on, right?" He holds a hand out towards him reluctantly. "I know you didn't want me seeing all your memories, but I'm the only anchor you've got..." ^And then you'll be stuck in some shitty limbo forever. Fuck.^

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