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Drinking by the bar

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How long Apr 25, 2021
Has there been new color levels?
I just saw
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Shawnpat's Music Choice Finale Mar 22, 2021
Well guys its finally over, this is probably the most interesting/fun thing I've gotten from this site in a long time. So after this I'll probably end up doing some other themed blog competition.

Theme 1 Highlight:

#Chic "too lost in you" - I remember this being the first week you landed in the top 3, this was a changing point for you in the game and from that point on you had some really decent placings. This is the right pick for a highlight from you.

#Jaxon "I don't want it all" - In a week that was all about you showing me who you are and me completely agreeing that I'm that same type of gal. I think you really proved that you were one to watch. You had a lot of very high moments this season and this is just one of those.

Theme 2 Final Redemption:

#chic "Beautiful Liar" - I remember the only reason you landed so low that week was because it wasn't really a "duet" It was a great song and that's what kept you safe. As you know I'm not a huge Beyonce fan but I do think this song came in a era when I did like her a bit more, and the colab with Shakira was a wise career move.

#Jaxon "Juice" - This was a tough point in the competition and a front runner went home this week it was like the tables had turned, I love Lizzo but this isn't my favorite song by her, but just like you said it was what got me into her initially and without this song I probably wouldn't have listened to her other music.

Theme 3 Winning Song:

#chic "My heart takes over" You are right I have no clue who the Sats are but I really enjoyed this, It has a lot of emotion and I will look into their other songs. I'm such a sucker for a girl group and they have great voices. I really wish the USA would get behind groups like this because I feel we miss out on really good music that the UK enjoys.

#Jaxon "Betty Davis Eyes" This one is a bit of a miss for me, all I could think was how she sounded like she needed a glass of water the entire time. Maybe she smokes too much idk.

So final comments:

Chic I feel you started as an underdog and in the later parts of the game really rose to the top, you gave a lot of unique songs and I never knew what to expect with you.

Jaxon There is a lot to say in the fact that you never placed lower than 5th the entire competition you had the most wins and the most high placements of any other competitor.

For this week
Theme 1 Winner: Jaxon
Theme 2 Winner: Jaxon
Theme 3 Winner: Chic

And with that
The winner of Shawnpat's Music Choice is Jaxon

17th: black_wave
16th: sharonmaitems
15th: iicreazygx
14th: hunty
13th: semajdude
12th: artpop2
11th: kingjames13
10th: thirteen
9th: symmetry888
8th: becksta20
7th: smuguy2012  (most shocking elimination)
6th: rory17
5th: lukesaur
4th: oswordo3 (biggest comeback)
3rd: tbrown_47
2nd: chic (Best improvement)

I'm the type of person that loves to see a chart of how I did in games so I made one during the game.

Thank you all for playing!
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Shawnpat's Music Choice Finals Mar 21, 2021
Hello top 3!

First results:

So for beach I think all 3 of you KILLED it, I love all three songs they all take me away to a place I love and give me the the sense of paradise so for that all three of you win in this category.

Moving on to work:

1st: chic Work b*tch: I have to say this is the obvious choice here, I have personally listened to this song on my way to work and this album on my way to work to get bumped for a Long day. You have moved on to the finals!

For the other two
tbrown_47 & Jaxon

This was probably the hardest decision I've had to make the entire game both of you have performed so well the entire game but one song just spoke to me a little over the other and only one of you can make it to this final round..... and that person will be Jaxon

I am so sorry tbrown_47 you really played a strong game and had some shining moments.
Thank you for playing!!!!

Now for the final 2!!!!!
I never in a million years expected this to be the last two standing.

There will be 3 categories to end the game

1st: Highlight: What do you think was your highlight from the entire game, in other terms what song are you the most proud of that you've picked this game.

2nd: Final redemption: This is going to be a song from a week you landed in the bottom and almost went home. I will give each of you 3 options to pick from as there were 3 weeks each of you did not perform at a high level
For chic: your options are "Country" "Duets" or a song about "Me"
For Jaxon: your options are "Party" "Sad" or "2020/2021"

3rd: Winning song: What is your winning song? What song will snatch you the trophy? This is your chance to really shine.

Good luck!
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Shawnpat’s Music Choice Semi Finals Mar 20, 2021
I’m sorry to have kept you guys waiting so long!
I just got settled in after vacation so I’m combining last weeks results with this weeks challenge, and I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

1st: chic overall vibe outweighs the rest good job.

2nd: jaxon unique and lesser known was a wise choice it helped me dive into someone unknown.

3rd tbrown_47 safe this week. I wasn’t in love but some good listens.

4th oswordo3 I’m sorry dear you are being eliminated again. You had a huge comeback and you should be really proud. I just didn’t vibe as well with this album.

Moving on to Semi Finals:
We will have two categories this week.

As you know I just got back from my Caribbean adventure. For this week I want to hear your best beach vibe song, take me back to the ocean with this one.

Second song: On Monday I return to work, so for this song I want to hear your best work day tune, something to get me pumped up for a Monday.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
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Shawnpat's Music Choice Quarter Finals Mar 10, 2021
YAY final 4!

This week I want you to pick the best album, by any artist, any genre, Just a full album.

It may take me a bit longer to judge this week as I'm going to listen to the full album if I'm not familiar with it already.

You only need to post the name of the album and artist and Ill look it up.

Oh and also I’ve already hinted to some of my favorites, try not to be basic and copy what you already know I like.

Good luck!

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Shawnpat's Music Choice Week 13 Results Mar 10, 2021
Part 1: 1993

1st: tbrown_47 I have nothing: This is by far first place this week, I was hoping for this song and I got exactly what I was looking for. This song means so much to me!

2nd: Jaxon Linger: I had no idea who the cranberries were until they said their name in mean girls, then I listened to their music. This song is one I rather like.

3th: chic Hero: Ive said before Im not much of a Mariah fan but I do like this song a lot, its one of the few in her early career I like.

4rd: lukesaur If: Janet was definitely an icon of the time, she kinda fizzled out in her later years but this is a good song.

5th: oswordo3 Dreamlover: Like I said before I'm not the biggest Mariah fan, I don't hate the song it was just the least impressive for me.

Part 2: 2020/2021

Let me start by saying this was the hardest to judge out of any so far. The top 4 all really were good.There was only one I didn't care for.

1st: Chic Who's gonna save you now: Congrats on snagging your first win of the season. I really felt this song thanks for a good listen.

2st: Oswordo3 Take you to hell: I liked the lyrics on the screen tbh lol I like being able to see the words when I don't know a song I feel it gives me a deeper connection until I get to know it.

3rd: lukesaur what's your pleasure?: WTF was that video LMAO, but I really liked the song, it made me want to spin around in circles and take some Molly.

4th: tbrown_47 Death on the vine: I LOVED her voice and the depth of this song. I really don't even want to give it 4th but It just was a little bit less lovely than the other 3.

5th: Jaxon Treat myself: I never liked her on that terrible show she was on and I don't care for any of her music really.

So overall rankings this week
1st: Chic: You gave great songs for both. You had the highest overall score this week.

2nd: Tbrown_47: Your first pick was the number one song of the entire week, your second was great just not the top.

Bottom 3:
I feel all of you gave about the same energy this week, ranking all about the same.
So I took your past performances into consideration

3rd: Jaxon: You have never ranked lower than 5th the entire game and I think that really shows we vibe on the same level so you are safe this week.

Lukesaur You had a very slow start to the game with very safe placings, you have never snatched a win which is really shocking to me because you've ranked really high in the second half.

on the other hand

Oswordo3 You've produced some really good bops getting two wins after returning to the game. I do have to factor in the fact that you were eliminated once already.....

So what I've decided is...
Luke you will be going home this week.
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