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yay ! Jan 14, 2011

Paws up, T_M (") (")
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*25 T$ Results* Nov 28, 2010
imageHey Guys, here are the results.

This was a great success, we had 181 different names posted from 294 different posts. Sorry, I didn't count if you posted your own name twice... but if you posted your name, and a friends name later. I did count that.

Here's a picture of my excel results page. I ordered them in alphabetical order then most to least name postings. So if you don't see your name, it is just lower down on the page.

Now to our winners..... I used a weighted average for the whole drawing... for example, if you had 50 posts out of 100 total. Your name was entered 50 times. That's why you'll see a lot of SeaKing.

Winner #1: Fritzyyyyy
Winner #2: SeaKing

Winner #3: Titiwhyam
Winner #4: CassieBunny


I decided to the 5th stock of this design as well.

To win this, you need to guess what number was picked LAST in the first Random drawing. You only get one guess and the first person to guess it right will win.

CLUE: My link next to 1.) gives away a couple numbers that it is NOT. So guessing 56, 38, .....83 will be a wasted guess.

Thanks everyone, and hopefully I'll have the opportunity to do this and more for many weeks.
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*25 T$ *Sale* Nov 27, 2010
imageHey Guys,

I’ve decided to try to do something a bit different with my stock this week. Day after day, people blog asking for gifts, about prices being too high and about never being able to get a new design from shops. With my shop, I would like to give everyone a chance to win a design through luck, or to earn a design by playing this game. There will be four stock of one design given away for this competition.

What to do to win:
Post your name, or the name of a friend below. You may ask as many friends as you want to post your name. The goal of this is to have your user name posted as many times as possible. Please also honestly indicate if you have no designs.

The four prizes will be awarded to people who fit the following areas:
1.)        Random drawing of top five most posted name *first winner to be gifted from me*
2.)        Random drawing of top five most posted name *notification of sale time*
3.)        Random drawing of player with no designs *notification of sale time*
4.)        Random drawing of player with no designs *notification of sale time*

I will notify the winners in 24 hours, 2PM Eastern US time on Sunday.

Good luck !

Please only post your name once.
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Thanks, everyone. Ready for another week ! Nov 9, 2010
Hey everyone,

My goal this week was the make The Shopping Game an actual game…for this week, next week and weeks going forward too. No one can say again the shop owners do not deserve their position. I am very grateful to so many people for their help this week.

I want to specifically thank the people who contributed most to the shop this week… the beautiful Gemini, the namesake of my shop who brought me good luck in winning the shop and has helped me with designs, ideas, decisions and most of all has kept me happy, level-headed and enjoying every minute of this crazy week. A large thanks also needs to go to the creatively unmatched Trishy for kindly donating four designs to our shop this week.

I look forward to coming up with creative ideas to improve the way the Shopping Game works as a way to spread great designs around to everyone, but to also leave the door open to the very best designs, going to those who are willing to pay for them. I am more than willing to talk to anyone about ideas or suggestions, feel free to mail or Skype me and I’d be happy to talk anytime.

I’m very proud to say that I didn’t purchase any T$ or designs this week. Thanks to the generosity of the following people as well as the overflow of support from the tengaged community. Thank you all so much for making this a fun and enjoyable week.

Generous Gifters:
Connorthomson, Diva1, Kavalle ,The_Domany, BigShow, Gemini, Gucci911, JoeyJones, LuluPi, robbster1313, trishytrash, Utsumi

Diva1, princesskk, randomkid, Megan, Keyston, treytrey97

Lucky Recipients:
Bella777, bryts, Buech, connorthomson, dexterie, ducksfan2091, evil_derrick, Gemini, Gemma17, Gucci911, Jennifer101, j0hale, joe1110, jonathanT23, mike56, robbster1313, tenj246, The_Domany, tofutime, trishytrash, Usklyd

Enthusiastic Supporters:
_Aria, britt0729, bombshellben, cubzfan26, DanieleD, dools, double0agent, egaga911, FlameonX, gratefulvw, Goldar, Heather15, Honalulue, Ireland, JesseM, Justin0228, khart92, konohavillage1, loved, MattyBB9, MoreBeastThanYou, Norris, owee13, prince_Eric, PrincessTeePee, ronron313, sjsoccer88, Sukul, sw33t, Tengaged_Moderation, Timster, seana86, VoLcOmVaNs, wwemrpeeps, yankees14456
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Competing.... ? Nov 4, 2010
imageEver since I joined Tengaged on June 15th I have been interested in and wanted to participate in the shopping game.

However, for months I have been told my experts that my dream is IMPOSSIBLE. Even if you are the best designer on the site, you will never be able to compete in the shopping game unless someone hands you a position. This is true for just one reason….Carryover.

Many people have asked me to compete to: A. Limit future carryover, B. Prevent the any carryover this week or C. to ultimately pass one of the three shop

I have several buyers interested in purchasing high ticket items, but I do not have a personal backer. I do not have one single person willing to spend their hard earned real life money on T$..... and I will never ask anyone to. Even with the ability to donate to Noel’s spectacular mission of finding a cure and ultimately eliminating Blood Cancer, this economy…. simply does not allow it.

With that being said, I would like to gauge the opinion of the people of Tengaged. Would you like to see changes in shops ?..... Do you want to see new and beautiful designs (like this one) sold at more reasonable prices each week? Do you want to see carryover eliminated or reduced… even for just one week?

I’m using this blog for two reasons…. First to hear the opinion of the masses, and second to give players an opportunity to receive a gift. I would like to hear opinions…so anyone who posts their opinion will be entered for a chance to win a gift.

There are exceptionally talented designers on this site. Help me give them a fair chance to compete.
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