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The Hunger Games

Jan 17, 2010 by p0werduck
Has anybody read The Hunger Games?
If you haven't, check it out.  It's a book about 24 teens being thrown into an arean and fighting tho the death, and despite being pretty brutal, it really is an excellent story.
If you have read it... post your comments on it below :)
Oh, and once i get more T$ i'm thinking of making a group for it too!?!?
Stay tuned to see what happens kids ;D


One of the very few books I've read XD It was REALLY good. I'm gonna read Catching Fire when I'm not so busy
Sent by Pogo11,Jan 17, 2010
omg... i wanna read it
Sent by jamhav2417,Jan 17, 2010
pogo, Catching fire was good too, but i liked HG better
jam... it's a great book
Sent by p0werduck,Jan 17, 2010
Omg I loved that book :D Katniss Everdeen ;D
Sent by khmaster80673,Jan 17, 2010
my favorite was foxface, she was so sick
Sent by p0werduck,Jan 17, 2010
Sent by Pogo11,Jan 18, 2010

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