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  1. Fix your Fucking site Randomize
  2. How about a life ban. Suicide threats
  3. Can't wait to Kelly0412 gets
  4. Plus Blitszims blog about Kelly0412
  5. The amount of red nosed in evil
  6. Take my stand against kelly0412
  7. Kelly0412
  8. Tracey Dorame if we see any sign of you
  9. Let's get a few things straight you piece of dirt
  10. Hi Guys.
  11. Tracey is not meant to be here
  12. Tracey is not meant to be here
  13. Tracey is not meant to be here
  14. Whateverthef lies and laughs about suicide
  15. Tracey let it slip. The fake Suicide.
  16. Tracey is not meant to be here
  17. Tracey no one wants you here.
  18. Put Tracey Dorame in a white padded room
  19. In the meantime whateverthef
  20. Tracey
  21. Just going through mail from
  22. I can see the flip phone going wild now
  23. If you go
  24. Suicide Lies by whateverthef
  25. Death Wishes By Kelly0142 again
  26. Thoughts are with my Kiwi Neighbours tonight.
  27. These bans are getting a bit ridiculous
  28. I love you Rob ♡♡♡♡
  29. Oh the drama and tea
  31. I wonder if he will make
  32. What ya gonna do
  33. What ya gonna do
  34. What ya gonna do
  35. What ya gonna do
  36. What ya gonna do
  37. What ya gonna do
  38. What ya gonna do
  39. What ya gonna do
  40. What ya gonna do

Take my stand against kelly0412

Apr 15, 2019 by obey_me
wishing suicide upon myself and please plus my blog. 
I know I'm probably feeding his ego by blogging but plussing my blog below
might knock some sense into his narrow mind.


He and Tara both joined a charity game to ruin
Happy to plus - they should both be banned for harassment
Sent by me2013,Apr 15, 2019
me2013 but Tarag cracked it at me when I unintentionally won @Jackakatheedge charity awhile back.  I didn't go to ruin it.  I certainly don't intentionally harass people like she does as well.  Ban them both.
Sent by obey_me,Apr 15, 2019
Well I guess she has her own rules and can do whatever she wants
Sent by me2013,Apr 15, 2019

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