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Dreamin for the stars

Jul 30, 2009 by nikki47
imageI haven't played on tengaged since October 30th 2008 but I'm back. Im back because I want to get on Stars more then anything. The whole concept and format seems so fun and amazing. I'd hate to miss out on an opportunity to play in that game. I love the UK version and it follows the exact style which is amazing.
So I'm back to win as many games and karma needed just to qualify. I hope to make it. My first game back, I already am kickin butt. So hopefully I'll continue that and kick some more butt in Stars. :P


Good luck!
Sent by Daisy,Jul 30, 2009
I like ur pants :)
Sent by moup94,Jul 30, 2009
WOW! lol you are hot
Sent by Todd,Jul 30, 2009
Good luck Nikki! Will look out for you in Stars!
Sent by rpalland,Jul 30, 2009

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