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Those Losers in Game 7131

Sep 12, 2008 by nikki47
I was just evicted 3rd from my first game on here. Why? because Latina and Juiicey are mad that I got into a fight with them and I was only telling the truth.
Latina was talking shit behind my back and I caught her red handed and she tried to turn it against me.
Juiicey types as if she is partially blinde and is like haiiiii and whats uppppppppp. I'm just shut the fuck up with your ghetto speak you piece of trash.
Oh and if any of you are reading this, I totally lied about the jury part, I just wanted to see your reaction after I was evicted.
Of course Latina was like OMG IM SO SAD I AM SO GOING TO MISS NIKKI, she was just playing it up so I could read that. Listen bitch, you pioneered  getting me out of the game. So do not sit there and say you are going to miss me.
Bridgette you are a worthless sack of shit. Stop coming on everytime you are worried about your position and being so god damn paranoid. SHUT UP AND GO WITH THE FLOW. You are so retarded, if I could kill someone in that house it would be you. So annoying, get a life.
Nadiec, you probably were fake with me the entire time and voted me out. You are a conformist and just went along with Juiicey and Latina.
How did Conceite and Josiah get further then me and they have been barely active at ALL? That is so disgustingly unfair.  I was really nice until that ONE fight.
Crazyemo got nominated the first one, apologized and got to survive anonther week. Where was my one chance? Where was my one week to have a mistake and then survive? I deserved to stay in that house. But I swear, if I cross any of you in a game again. I will do everything in my power to get you out. Good Luck bitches.


shut up whore, try being a little nicer, remember, this is a game, when you insult my friend jucey, you insult me, so if i see you in a game, you are screwed, i got more friends then you, and my friends will take you out bitch
Sent by tyleror,Sep 13, 2008
I hope you fuck yourself till you bleed to death and die again you fucking whore. I am so glad you left. No class. Pure white trash is what you are so go fuck your mother you stupid fucking skank. I have a life and I love it. In your life, you probably rape everyone cause you have to fuck something cause you can't get some. You are a fucking whore!!! I was just playing and saying I don't want to go home so that you would not know you were going home. Slutt.
Sent by Bridgette,Sep 13, 2008
wow nikki i dont have anything yo say to you... its just sad.. lol.
Sent by Latina,Sep 13, 2008
you deserved to be 1st one evicted so dont complain.. lol.
Sent by Latina,Sep 13, 2008
You stupid KKK member. LMAO
Sent by Latina,Sep 13, 2008
Hey nikki!! im glad u got evicted... LOL!!! Karma is so freaking fair <33 im so happy ur in my game... This time ill last more than u piece of shit
Sent by CrazyEmo,Sep 13, 2008
oh hell no bitch,you know what fuck you. You Are a lame for even wasting your timee and talking shit about us..n second of all wtf does ghetto mean too you.I been dying too ask you,cus the way you keep fucking using it is like in a disrespectful ass way you dumb bitch. Let me be ghetto. I bett You ghetto bitchess will fuck ya ass up right.. You a Lamee Honey..n when you talk shit bitch please dont write it in a blog you dumb fuck..Ugh Bitchess liik you makee mee hate da world.n once again bitch am not supporting you so i write how ever da fuck i wantt..'N yess What up bitch comee that sounds ghetto 2you 2..
Sent by Juiicey,Sep 13, 2008
First of all, Latina what are you talking about. I definitely did NOT deserve to be gone first. I was way more active then a lot of people you stupid bitch. I am not part of the KKK, I am mixture of many cultures so do not label me as a racist.
Crazyemo, please go be emo and cut yourself and hit the vein that makes you bleed nonstop. I will get you out of the game. TRUST that.
and Juiicey I approached you and told you straight up that your ghetto talk was annoying. Ghetto people like you ruin todays society. You only drink, smoke weed and have sex and get pregnant. You probably will drop out of high school, end up pregnant to only marry a cocaine dealer and live in the ghetto. What is ghetto? look in a mirror.
Sent by nikki47,Sep 13, 2008
okk bitch for real for real..let me tell you something let me give you a little insight about my life.. Am a Junior okk.n second of all i will not dr0p out thats not an option..cus anything is possible bitch..i dont smokee weed n i dont drink bitch n yes i live in da ghetto a hood were you couldnt even survive.n because of that am a way stronger bitch thn you so you writing shit about me it just nothin.n yes i had sex but with my boyfriend 4 1year bitch..n who the fuck are you to judge whose ghetto n whose not..see ppl liike you i just bee wanting too fuck them up cus they sware they bettah then ppl.n if am ghetto good thats my way of being n only god could judge..look how you been sayin all this shit about how am ghetto n shit..but i yet 2 judge you..ooh n let me tell you one thing ill do...i noee iif i see you i could fuck you up...cus ghetto bitches gets it i dont even have a word 2 call you...
ps..n iif obama wins..what iis he 2 you ghetto dumbass you still havent gave me a good answer of what ghetto meanss ..
Sent by Juiicey,Sep 13, 2008
If Obama wins, the nation will be at a better place. He is classy and sophisticated. Stop trying to make me out as a racist. I love black people,  hispanic people and all other cultures. I've traveled the world and have helped needy children in Africa so don't try to label me as a racist. Like  said, Ghetto is just low down people who seem too lazy to do good things so end up on a bad path. Like drugs, alcohol, sex, pregnancy, gangs, etc. You just annoy me. And hunny, why are you saying you can beat me up. They wouldn't allow your kind of people anywhere near where I live in the first place.
Sent by nikki47,Sep 13, 2008
ooooooo okkkk bitch...i annoy you...great...but iss people like you who think that people like us cant do stuff n then iis people like me who proveee bitches like you wrong...this bak n forth shit is gonna stop...i annoy you okkiee bitch you wasnt sayin da wen you begged for 4giveness...smh eigther ur fakeee ass helll...or you just full of shit...which 1....

n again only god could Judge mee soo thiss shit you sayin dont affect meeee bitch
Sent by Juiicey,Sep 13, 2008
nikki you sound so stupid, who da fk do u think you are to judge juiicey, your just a piece of shit and yes u are a fking racist bitch!
Sent by Latina,Sep 13, 2008
Ignorant racist people like you ruin todays society. You only hate, talk about everyone and judge people without even knowing them, i just think ur so stupid you think everything u say is right! well honey you dont know how freaking ridicoulous u sound!
Sent by Latina,Sep 13, 2008
Fuck you Nikki with something hard and sandpapery!!!!!
Sent by Bridgette,Sep 13, 2008
ooh but you fuckin said it yourself iis online who da fuck iis gonna writee makiing sure they grammar iis right n shit..sw3ety i write like this onlineee...not in da real world..n i hopee you doo tell ppl there ghetto in real life n tell me how far they takee da b.s....n okkiee maybe i took it offense cus you said it urself oh am just sayin but hey if thats the way you play then thats the way you play...but sincee ya ass got evictedd now you tryin 2makee us all look badd,,,n now you trully have a problem with the way i writeee...
Sent by Juiicey,Sep 13, 2008
WOW NIkki.hun.. u def. are racist saing ppl who use the word ghetto ..u basically r..u cant used that word and not know ne thing about it..the ghetto is a place but u cant act like an afican american woman in this soceity today and im actually a colege freshman so i am doing something with my life and you little girl need to read and learn some more and the way u used that word was in a neg.discriminating if u didnt mean it in that way  then fine..but i advise u to learn more about it and then speak on it..cuz u know  NOTHING!!!
Sent by Nadiec,Sep 13, 2008
O yeah and black and live in the same places im sure u live..i actually was raised by for u to dicriminate and demenomize the black culture is wrong..i suggest u just apologize and get it over with.
Sent by Nadiec,Sep 13, 2008
OMG. LOL. So glad I was out first this game. LOL!
Sent by jeffypop,Sep 13, 2008
thankss nadiec  .........Ghetto iis not a fuckiin good word 2us....

n thats why i kept asking you wtf ghettos mean mss nikkii
Sent by Juiicey,Sep 13, 2008
Nadiec, do not try to turn this around just because you are black. You now are the one being racist referring to that only black people can be ghetto. It's clearly obvious Juiicey is white or hispanic and her ass is extremely ghetto. I am not racist because I am not judging her for her race. I am just saying her ghettoness is annoying and she goes to school everyday right? Just so she can come on here and not spell 1 single word correctly. Juiicey has some growing up to do or should take on a couple more english course loads.
Sent by nikki47,Sep 13, 2008
bitch am hispanic n how many mutha fuckin times do i gotta tell ur ass that yes am in skool..n thiss is onlineee honey am not being graded in the way am writin hereee..

soo dont worrii honey about meeee

cuss am finee..n 2 let you noee somethingg am in honor english you dummiii3

noee mee well before you talk about meee
Sent by Juiicey,Sep 13, 2008
Nikki, im not trying to turn this around beacuse i am black..the way ur using it is wrong.. and only black people are not labled as "ghetto" but if u read it rite.. i sais ghetto is a way of life and not how ppl act. so i believe u r being ignorant on tha word but thats my opinion and u can take it with a grain of salt, if u realize u r insulting the black culture adn race.. but back home there are many white ppl whodo that same things u described earlier..weed and such and never get called ghetto
Sent by Nadiec,Sep 13, 2008
lordme123 its your other account right? lol... first of all i am hispanic and if u dont believe me i dont give a fuck, you think your so smart and that you kno everything in life... look at your blog, wow thats classy!!!
Sent by Latina,Sep 13, 2008
You know, I am not racist and thats the end of that conversation. Maybe I am ignorant and wrong for some of the things I said. People are entitled to mistakes. Also, in life you learn a lot too and this was just a learning experience for me. This was my one and only game and I am in anonther game now. But after that maybe I should just leave tengaged. But I do apologize if anyone was hurt. At first I was just stating opinions out of anger but now its accumulated into something way more then I expected.
Sent by nikki47,Sep 13, 2008
Sent by Bridgette,Sep 13, 2008
Sent by Bridgette,Sep 13, 2008
Sent by Bridgette,Sep 13, 2008
nikki so lordme123 is ur other account? wow
Sent by Latina,Sep 14, 2008
you left before me! i may be 6th but the point is.....I lasted 2 days longer than your ass of hair!
Sent by Bridgette,Sep 14, 2008
What other account??

and bridgette please go shut the fuck up. you are so annoying. I don't care if you last 438324646 days longer then me, I'm still better then you.
Sent by nikki47,Sep 14, 2008
well its all anger from ur side, but from here, its actually quite funny lol
Sent by boomba123,Sep 15, 2008
lol i got evicted because u and ur other account gave me a 3... your such a loser... using double identidies to play a game and make  it easier sore loser i hope u die, suck ur dads small dick and go suck yourself until you bleed to death mother fucker hoe, go have an orgy with ur whole family and go fuck ur neightbors dog mother fker bitch u arent nothing in life go suck your dads small dick hoe.
Sent by CrazyEmo,Sep 15, 2008
go use your double dildo with ur mom.
Sent by CrazyEmo,Sep 15, 2008
crazy was right you raped your animal crackers!!!!! Your not better than me! The only thing you have Nikki that I don't is a penis!
Sent by Allison,Sep 26, 2008
lmao almost a year later & am laughing my ass of reading this smh nikki child
Sent by Juiicey,Jul 21, 2009
go to the person who commented right above this game where they got 8th ...

go to their 8th place rookies, and go to the second place persons first blog
Sent by randomkid22,Jan 2, 2010
(sorry i worded that badly)
Sent by randomkid22,Jan 2, 2010
the winning phrase
Sent by joey96,Jan 2, 2010
M&N's Survivor: Egypt

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Sent by OldNewz,Oct 19, 2017
Bjorn's Big Brother Season 3

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Sent by Bjorn,Sep 30, 2018

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