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Guilty Pleasure Music

Aug 17, 2009 by nikki47
imageCharley Uchea from Big Brother 8 in the UK's debut single "I want it more". A comeback single to fellow contestant Chanelle Hayes' song "I want it". It's very dancey and belongs in the club. There's even a Britney Spears reference in the song which is amazing <3.

Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" aka that song she sang at the Teen Choice Awards while dancing with a stripper pole. I don't support any girl under the age of 18 dancing or even touching a stripper pole and also busting out of a trailer home singing either. But the song is catchy and fun to listen to with friends or driving home. It also has a reference to Queen Britney <3.

Taylor Swift's "You belong with me" and "Fifteen". Both songs are very bubble gum pop and country and make you feel good. It reaches out to everyone and makes them feel like you have a place in the world. "you belong with me" can relate to anyone who has ever had an unrequited love incident and is just like "hey, Ive been here all this time loving and supporting you. Why can't you realize that and be with me?" While, "fifteen" deals with young love and how anyone can easily fall into it which is so true. No Britney Spears references but still both amazing.


Your gorgeous and i love t-swift <3
Sent by Lesbian,Aug 17, 2009
Yay Miley!!!
Sent by joeynicdao,Sep 2, 2009

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