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  1. is anyone ShopOwners gonna post
  3. Sims 4 Jungle Question
  4. I think I'm gonna buy from Brxn
  5. Well... Glad CBBUS is over
  6. Dear Shop Owners
  7. Lol! these Spanish or Brazil people
  8. Blood Level Finally
  9. I was gonna get something from shops or Auctions
  10. (SHOP OWNERS) Can Someone PLEASE!!
  11. Yasssss! Cardi B new Bop!
  12. IS IT Me OR ANYYnyone ELse?
  13. I always wondered why does Sarah Paulson
  14. Me @ Jessica Lange
  15. Shop owners or Designers for Auction
  16. The Ignorance on Roblox and websites
  17. Me sitting here waiting for shop owners...
  18. Survivor 35
  19. This is so cute
  20. Me @ Survivor last night...
  21. Feeling cute today
  22. I'm stuck in a game with Brazilians
  23. Every time I comeback
  24. Just watched the first ep of survivor
  25. I'm Doing A Brantsteele (HELP)
  26. What should I get from shops?
  27. Omg I love my Avi
  28. Goodnite say it back
  29. BB19 Just Watched the DE
  30. Im dying right now
  31. Fuck BB19
  32. drop ur panties and answer this
  33. I said help!!!
  34. Only my hood bitches will know this song
  35. Apparently I'm King at 4th place
  36. May you please Gift
  37. (Prejudice) Big Brother Brazil
  38. Everyone keeps talking (BBUK)
  39. Name all the Big Brother US
  40. I hope you all

I think I'm gonna buy from Brxn

Mar 3, 2018 by myiel
Shop he has some reasonable prices



Sent by Question,Mar 3, 2018
Question you do know negs don't affect anything with me, im still gonna buy from brxn shop dummy lol
Sent by myiel,Mar 3, 2018

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