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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

nominated for 9th 💞

13thMar 8, 2023 by mortgy
i know you guys are as frustrated as we are. unfortunately, facts are the facts. dools, fiery, and i are in the minority against those 6 tyrants. john and uzy joined together and john, delete, and mmaba are a trio. sosy is barely playing and little is trying to play the fence but is really only supporting them. i really wanted to give y’all a fresh set for some fun and i tried all day to get that done. i’m proud of myself for giving my first stars my best effort and i have learned a lot on how to improve my gameplay. thank you guys for saving me twice before and honestly it would be funny if y’all kept saving me until the finale just to spite them. if not, i completely understand and i apologize to y’all for this boring ass game ruined by their boring asses.

smoking a bowl bc i deserve it after this LOL


GL lil mama
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Good luck hun.
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