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  1. Yesss @ the melanin on the blogs page
  2. i dont hate a tv star
  3. To go unnommed in 1st stars is so impressive
  4. what are we doing for cinco de mayo?
  5. Xtina chases trends like no other
  6. Kanye's an Uncle Tom Koon Reject-KKK
  7. Somebody was stabbed to death
  8. My 10 year tg anniversary is coming. Omg.
  9. Which survivor seasons do yall recommend
  10. The top 2 of last stars were POC
  11. 1 thing I noticed about homophobia...
  12. Damn the KKK really negged my last blog!
  13. These top blogs are just mediocre. Disgusted
  14. 2000ts and i dont even wanna spend 1/2 of 1
  15. I'm too cute for this site (042618)
  16. Let people believe in Jesus and the Bible
  17. Ariana Grande's lead singles ranked imo
  18. a lot of the ppl fatshaming nowadays
  19. If there was a black person in this stars
  20. PYN and I'll say how ud do on Bad Girls Club
  21. Can Kandee change the casting/fasting logo too
  22. My opinion on every Family Guy character:
  23. Ppl come & go, while I stay and conquer
  24. Let that man rest. Y'all crackers
  25. y do ppl only login to join stars?
  26. y do yall like Cupcakke?
  27. Who's Megan? What's her claim to t-fame
  28. How about we ban real proven racists
  29. Comment your fave celebs!
  30. Do people on the Challenge even get paid?
  31. Anybody who plussed that nude design
  32. I will never join Stars. I repeat never.
  33. Zuelke's pronounced "Zool-kee" ?
  34. Do people get paid for Spotify streams?
  35. I am craving Popeyes rn
  36. im gonna watch rpdr so i can make more
  37. Is this Survivor season good?
  38. If RuPaul puts Pearl on an All Stars season
  39. How was everyone's high school experience?
  40. & if u call a black a racial slur

dont do it yall V

Feb 8, 2018 by mocallio


can u stop taking up blog space
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