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  1. Anyways im logging out for tonight
  2. Wait... so Hisoka called someone a nigger?
  3. Memphis is my fav tger who's not my friend
  4. Do yall think college is a scam?
  5. How do yall feel about this gay story?
  6. My fav song from each Beyonce album
  7. Me when i found out Ari was a bully
  8. Apparently Ariana and Demi were bullies
  9. Is Glory Days - Lil Mix a good album?
  10. guess my age. winner gets a gift
  11. how much in debt is Fergie from
  12. aint LAB filled w trump supporters
  13. Papa John's or Chipotle?
  14. DAE wish they were born in 2000s
  15. if ur in college, comment ur major
  16. guess my age
  17. lets hope glenn makes 2nd chances on trinity!
  18. when you see a klan member on the blogs
  19. fact: i stopped watching tbb2 when hlc
  20. these trump supporters calling
  21. finally filtered the poop girl
  22. Am I the only 1 who watches her V
  23. Are y'all #TeamCamila or #Team5H
  24. Rank Katy Perry's albums in the comments
  25. Im doing a Tengaged Charm School
  26. Is Tengaged still atheist?
  27. did anyone see that?
  28. This Fergie visual album has me pressed
  29. What's your fav song from Double Dutchess?
  30. wait. Who is tg mad @ from T-Brother?
  31. College students of tg, what's your major?
  32. is the last bb19 ep worth watching?
  33. Why do people not stan Dominique on BB19?
  34. + for Prism, - for Witness
  35. + for Dominique, - for Elena
  36. the bb house seems to make ppl go crazy :/
  37. This is THE anthem, hit of the century
  38. To people who spend $$ on ts,
  39. Making someone for having no friends makes u
  40. If U had the energy to post confederate flags

DiNom was by far the worst mod in tg history

Aug 20, 2017 by mocallio
anybody who disagrees and was here during his reign is delusional


I think he's the one who always had an attitude with me. I couldn't stand him at all. We argued all the time and he'd ban people for just about any reason he could think of.
Sent by Thirteen,Aug 20, 2017
Great mod
Sent by Survivor8,Aug 20, 2017

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