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The Kitty Korner

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anyone else thinkvote May 16, 2021
lemonface telling me I have a shitty personality that's "good for banter" is simply a PR stunt to excuse her heinous actions/statements against me in the past?

Straight from the horse's mouth:

You may pull the wool over others' eyes nice and tidy but I am NOT falling for this pseudo-positivity parlor trick ANYTIME soon.
Points: 37 2 comments
4:26am thoughts May 16, 2021
-I have to pee really bad
-I want to accomplish my wizard101 goals on my maxed death character but fear I wont know what to do with myself once I complete those already propped up goals I've set beyond the end of the current storyline
-I want the man who I'm talking to who also plays w101 to spend in game currency on me so that I can prosper from someone else's wallet
-I got a 100 on my psychology test and am very proud of myself
- I need to start my online course
-I should finish the roblox metaverse event but have absolutely no motivation to do so but wanna for completion purposes? :/
Points: 78 4 comments
reminder that astrology is fake May 16, 2021
and your 'quirky' personality is a product of unresolved daddy issues & not because you were born breach under the scorpions nutsack or whatever
Points: 60 4 comments
I'm approaching "Team Mom" May 15, 2021
level edit on this site...pathetic.

I have absolutely zero context on anything but its really hard to take people seriously when they are so publicly vehement in their defense of those in the wrong :L
Points: 28 0 comments
Come forward. May 13, 2021
Num Friends: 47
Num Reciprocal Friends: 47
Users having mastropola as a friend: 207

I don't plan on adding most of these people back but like if I just missed you somewhere along the line and I consider you a friend I will SLAM the heart button
Points: 19 2 comments
Idk if im impressed or secondhand embarrassed May 10, 2021
that yawnha has played nearly half of the amount of games I have in 8 1/2 years in just 10 months

Gun to my head I wouldn't have even guessed 400 games have filled in that timeframe

It ain't even SUMMER either like he is joining the Rooks HARD fully aware he has a Civics state exam in approximately 2 weeks
Points: 82 5 comments