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Hey guys remember to exercise!

Mar 25, 2020 by malachite05
Today I have done my 25 push-ups and 10 chin-ups and I spent like 2 hours DMing sweet nothings to kindred7 so I got my hand workout in and now I'm going to go for a 3.5 mile run!


Click in this chat and my nick
for donate ts for me please :(
Sent by _AntonioJ_,Mar 25, 2020
omg 3.5 miles @_@

and LOL wth i dont even know how to respond to you
Sent by Kindred7,Mar 25, 2020
I started with 30 pushups so far
Sent by Survivor8,Mar 25, 2020
survivor8 ya good call I might up it to a daily 30 or 35 starting tomorrow
Sent by malachite05,Mar 25, 2020

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