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  1. gift me anything
  2. Oh yeah I just came on again to say that
  3. i just came on to say
  4. im sorry but
  5. Which game is better? PUBG or Fortnite
  6. can someone give me tips on zoo
  7. i got 2 keys in a casting in 8 hours
  8. is it good to show survivor challenge scores?
  9. does anyone have practice stuff
  10. joe told truth
  11. mike falling is me
  12. i just hope devon doesnt go home
  13. ben found the idol?
  14. devon looks happy?
  15. poor chrissy
  16. Devon is winning Survivor 35
  17. how do you post gifs on blogs/games/etc?
  18. Stopping Net Neutrality
  19. By a vote of 3-2.
  20. good week in alabama
  21. should I make a huge move
  22. whos joining next hunger?
  23. which frat wants me?
  24. Join frooks!
  25. Did that.
  26. What's up, everyone!
  27. Hello!
  28. Hey :)
  29. Hey
  30. When is hunger ending
  31. What did I miss?
  32. I just bought Sky!
  33. Is tengaged
  34. Havent made a blog in 13 days
  35. I was going to gift
  36. is my avatar hot
  37. is there a frat i can join
  38. no friends
  39. Winner gets a gift!
  40. I saw the pilot of scream queens


May 22, 2016 by joaquint561

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