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Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 1

Dec 13, 2018 by jjvawesomeness0511
pyn for a tag!
all the og's are back, but with the new kids on the block let's see how everything goes!
season 1:
winner: Reaper
runner up: Zenyatta
sec-runner up: Torbjorn

These are our competitors:
Reaper (returning champ)
Zenyatta (returning finalist)
Torbjorn(Returning finalist)
Sombra(Returning 4th)
Mercy(Returning 5th)
Soldier 76(Returning 6th)
DVA (Returnign 7th)
Moira (Rrturning 8th)
Roadhog (Returning 9th)
Lucio (Reutnring 10th)
SYmmetra (Returning 11th)
Mei (Returning 12th)
Genji (Returning 13th)
Widowmaker (Returning 14th)
WInston (Returning 15th)
DOomifst (Returning 16th)
RIenhardt (Returning 17th)
Bastion (Returning 18th)
McCRee (Returning 19th)
Zarya (Returning 20th)
Tracer (Returning 21th)
JUnkrat (Returning 22th)
Orisa (Returning 23th)
Hanzo (Returning 24th)
Ana (Returning 25th)
Pharah (Returning 26th)
Ashe (Newbie)
Brigitte (Newbie)
Wrecking Ball (Newbie)

Nominees are random everytime! Let's see who rises to the top! Pyn to get a tag!

The first nominees are...
Vote to evict either Hanzo or Symmetra! Vote by tomorrow after my classes.


Sent by SharonMaItems,Dec 13, 2018

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