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  2. that should hold em alwight
  3. pyn if u wanna compete
  4. Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 8
  5. post ur name to compete!
  6. Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 7
  7. let's see how dead this site is!
  8. Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 6
  9. Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 5
  10. pyn
  11. post ur name in this blog
  12. Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 4
  13. vote plz overwatch playaz
  14. post ur actual name if ya wanna play
  15. i had white castle yesterday
  16. somebody plz joiin
  17. Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 3
  18. overwatch fans pls vote
  19. plx post your name
  20. vote please
  21. pyn ur name
  22. Double Blog Stars PYN
  23. Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 2
  24. Season 2 overwatch big brother DAY 1
  25. anyone interested?
  27. am i nice or mean
  28. those who are too porr or unlucky to afford stars!
  29. Double Blog Stars PYN
  30. how many people log into tengaged daily?
  32. i found out that three kids in my high school
  33. SIKE
  34. changing my password and logging off
  35. anyone wanna
  36. i don't rly even listen to music
  37. is free frookies friday actually a thing?
  38. pyn for me to guess your color level
  39. wait it's december already?
  40. when i first walked up to the lemonade stand

i feel kind of bad for matisse now

Jun 8, 2018 by jjvawesomeness0511
she is horrid, she is unfair, and yes she is a bad person to play with. But she gets the picture and won't change at all. Do we have to spread around her job, age, and even full name for a dumb game now that i think about it? what did she do to deserve getting all this info leaked? we should just stop, let this horrible person be. what's next her address? i honestly dont think she deserves all this. she is being complained more about than people like ametrine WHO LITERALLY HACK AND STEAL ACCOUNTS. a ruined charity isn't the end of the world is it? think about this and get your hate out of your system. everybody can be whatever they want online. yes, i still hate matisse, but let's spread our hate in a different manner XD. dislike if you wish.

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Did you see what happened yesterday
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sameed27 well what happened.
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@jjawesomeness0511 mailed you
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