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  1. does anyone else
  2. Every king has their throne.
  3. The best BB winner/player is Jun Song
  4. where is the michelle meyer full avi
  5. it's not even a matter of a vanilla cast
  6. black mirror #edgyopinion
  7. Stream "Number One Fan" by MUNA!
  8. i love my [REDACTED],
  9. It's honestly kind of nice
  10. It's interesting.
  11. 3 Words, 20 letters; say it and i'm yours.
  12. Sandra is in my top 10 of all time
  13. genuine question
  14. At first, I felt bad for ianfitz0012.
  15. At first, I felt bad for Julia Carter.
  16. would u kiss my avatar? be honest
  17. The winner of Survivor: All Winners
  18. Do you guys think
  19. Ahmed Ahmed Walker
  21. would u kiss my avatar? be honest
  22. would u kiss my avatar? be honest
  23. where are my VEEP watchers at
  24. only real britney jean fans know
  25. pyn
  26. wwafa, wdwg? - album ranking
  27. All i have to say
  28. tengaged, i need advice
  29. I don't know the drama,
  30. This is for family.
  31. re-watching i love money 2
  32. i was on the right side of history
  33. i sleep very well at night
  34. is TG rly laggy for anyone else
  35. who's your favorite forgotten pre-merger
  36. the jonas song was good
  37. complaining that they're in a premade is fine
  38. oh, HELL no.
  39. OMGGG

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does anyone else Jul 11, 2019
imagefind the actual episodes of #bb21 to be absolutely BRUTAL???? i've become desensitized to the whole "everyone-sucks-by-week-2" thing since bb16, but even with some funny editing tactics, the episodes just have not been interesting thus far &, as per usual, don't really accurately convey the overall ~mood~ or dynamic of the house

anyways i'm stanning my messy queens, kathryn & ratbella, and supporting smart king & queens nicole/kemi/david. everyone else boring, periodt!
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Every king has their throne. Jul 8, 2019
and lemjam6's throne lies in tengaged game #194569


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The best BB winner/player is Jun Song Jun 25, 2019
imagewhy is this a debate
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where is the michelle meyer full avi Jun 21, 2019
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it's not even a matter of a vanilla cast Jun 17, 2019
imageit's about representation!!!! there are so many ways to create a diverse reality TV cast and many of the major shows, big brother especially, consistently come up short.

people want to watch and see themselves represented in at least one way, and by only casting a token flamboyant gay, a loud black woman, or other discriminatory archetypes, only perpetuates the stereotype that these people represent an entire group of people that some americans will literally never interact with, and limits the chances of people actually being represented - which is supposed to be one of the show's objectives, considering it's a """"social experiment"""" and all

BB can't even make a damn geographically diverse cast!!!!! america is a literal melting pot of dozens of cultures and different backgrounds and every damn summer we see a homophobic cowboy with a 4 letter name who graduated from Texas A&M, an instagram model who makes a racially insensitive comment week 2, a spiritual girl who gets voted out early for being annoying, etc.

their casting department fucking FLOPS and people absolutely have a right to be upset over it

that being said, who else is on #TeamIsabella with me this summer
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black mirror #edgyopinion Jun 12, 2019
imagehang the dj is so overrated LOL like i have it in the middle tier of my rankings & even then i feel like i'm being nice, it's fully not memorable, has a pretty bland plot with confusing pacing, and the actors' solid performances are the only thing that keep the episode from being a bad episode
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