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  35. is this guy bicurious?
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maggie rogers > ariana grandevote Jan 18, 2019

stream the best song of 2019
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No title Jan 15, 2019
Tony. When I first showed up, you and I, first day, became the best of buddies and we were on the bottom of the alliance. Instant friends and you know what? We started to share intimate stories. Now you sit here now, and you would not be sitting there if I didn't have a big part, in it, because nobody here... ever... for one second trusted you. They trusted me, and I had to convince them all to trust me to trust you, and I spent the entire game putting out little flames for Tony, so you could sit there. And you came to me in your paranoia and you said (imitates Tony's voice and facial expressions when he's flustered): "ahh, ahh, I'm telling you man, I'm telling you, knew it, somethings going wrong here..." (stops imitating tony) I said, Tony, take a chill pill. Relax. I'm here for you. I'm never going to leave you and you said "I need to know that for a fact." I said, well don't be swearing on your mother and your kid, you've already done that for everybody else, find something different. You looked right at me and you said to me (voice trembles) "I will swear on my father's grave."

I've lost two siblings, and those two losses (tearing up) have put two holes in my heart that could never, ever be repaired. I would never... EVER...EVER... would have gone back on the promise of my brothers. Not today, not tomorrow, not for a hundred million dollars. Not for anything. I have one million dollar question for you that I want you to answer to your mother, to your wife Marissa, to your daughter Anistasia. Was it worth it to you, for a million dollars, to sacrifice your own father to get you here. Was that worth it to you?

I asked you a question. I don't want excuses. I'm saying to you haht to haht, friend to friend, human being to human being, answer the question. Is it worth it to you, to be here, to play a game for a million dollars, on your father's soul and memory. Yes or no. It's a million dollar question.
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oh Jan 12, 2019
i see
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how do ppl play multiple frooks a day Jan 7, 2019
imageand still survive stars polls or are just well-liked in general???? i played one for my first time in 16 months and i'm pretty sure 8 people hate me now and neg all my active blogs

I WAS ONE OF THE NICE ONES TOO i'm just gonna go crawl back into my group game hole and never come out of it
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J&J'S SURVIVOR: PI • IMMUNITY #2 Jan 6, 2019

Grace/ Pinkiepie512
Nick/ NotNicky333
Dakota/ Java9044
Jimmy/ BB5Lover
Dan/ dwipeouts
Matt/ mbarnish1
Josh Z/ koolness234
Keizo/ Foxy_Piplup

Livingston/ noobsmoke13
Ben/ MilkIsGood
Dana/ TotsTrashy
James/ J2999
Zach/ ziggyzaggy16
Romeo/ BritishRomeo17
Chandler/ Chandelier
Josh D/ Joshbb17
Jay/ Jaybirdnifty

I will be posting a blog. The person who has the most tags in the comments will win immunity for their tribe.

BUT, with great power comes great responsibility. If you are the winner of this challenge, you will also have the power to EXILE someone from the losing tribe. This means that, if you win, you will keep someone on the losing tribe immune, but said person will also not be able to vote at that tribal council.

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Alison Raybould is an underrated winner Dec 31, 2018
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