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  1. Brand new coat for men:
  2. VS Lingerie:
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  4. Hagpies.
  5. Is it too early
  6. Coffee & Love.
  7. Tengaged needs some promo
  8. OMG!
  9. Shoppers
  10. Am I NeNe Leakes?
  12. Sunglasses and coat - 200/180T$
  13. Ungaro in shops:
  14. Gift lovers
  15. Cheap hair - $T180
  16. Future shoppers
  17. Thank U, Next
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  19. Hello.
  20. Men of tengaged.
  21. Afternoon to everyone.
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  23. Have you ever dreamed of wearing
  24. Attention darlings
  25. Darlings
  26. Some Girls
  27. Superstar
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  29. Look who arrived.
  30. Only a 14 year old..
  31. We did it girls!
  32. A mess
  33. Buy ONE, get ONE free!
  34. This is how you try to move on hoe?
  35. BY THE WAY!
  36. Taking design commissions
  37. I'm not a wandering cat..
  38. Is AURA the QOK?
  40. Stupid bitch.

My weave chart!

12thOct 3, 2019 by iScotty
From 100s of bootlegs and gens made on gaged, I've picked out the official weaves of mine that were the best, and put them in a chart for all players to collect or view or w.e!

Here are all my weaves in a collage:

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