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No title

Jun 5, 2016 by dak236
booyahhayoob The only accomplishment you'll ever have is winning your online group games which you constantly join in a premade. Oh wow you are better at me in flash games, jigsaw puzzles, and spamming 24/7 cause you're a no life woopty fucking doo!

I still don't get this hatred you have for me? Just because I have more karma then you and because  my group game record is better then yours doesn't give you the right to attack me every chance you get. Please stop being jealous of me, tengaged means nothing in the real world and this obsession you have about me needs to stop. If you put as much effort in real life as you did on here then maybe youd have people irl who actually like you, just saying.


Sent by Booyahhayoob,Jun 5, 2016

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