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Survivor (3rd Album)

18thSep 30, 2016 by carlyjordan14
imageAfter months of crafting, I'm very excited to announce the release of my third album, Survivor!

To purchase your copy, click the plus button and comment below which songs are your favorite!


1. Virtual Meets Reality (Ft. JakeGoesOnline)
2. Sequester
3. StarDance!
4. Taking The Throne
5. Lights, Camera, Eviction! (Ft. m7md26)
6. Never Threaten Me
7. Forever Country (Ft. Reba, Carrie Underwood and Martina McBride)
8. Ratings War (Cancelled)
9. #BringBackMamaDa (Ft. JayRoy)
10. Stronger Together (Ft. Hillary Clinton)

Target Exclusive Tracks:
1. Comment Below
2. Nicole (A Tribute To The Queen) (Ft. Corey Brooks and Hayden Voss)




Sent by RyanAndrews,Sep 30, 2016
Lights, Camera, Eviction!

where i flopped
Sent by spinfur,Sep 30, 2016
Sent by SummerRae101,Sep 30, 2016
Big fan of number 1
Sent by JakeGoesOnline,Sep 30, 2016
Never Threaten Me
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Sep 30, 2016
Sent by epicwafflez23,Sep 30, 2016
Taking the Throne
Sent by NickUhasfan1996,Sep 30, 2016
This album is a flop!
The best thing on the Album is #BringBackMamaDa tho
You shoulda had better collabs wtf
Sent by teamjacz,Sep 30, 2016
i mean the duet we did was sick < 3
Sent by m7md26,Oct 1, 2016
Sent by Gkinn1234,Oct 1, 2016
+14 From Your Sequester Favorite. :)
Sent by yswimmer96,Oct 1, 2016
yswimmer96 for sure ;) thanks!
Sent by carlyjordan14,Oct 1, 2016
Sent by PoisonIvy22,Oct 1, 2016

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