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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

i have never said the n word or t word

Dec 4, 2021 by boyfriend
just the people i surround myself with do and they say it so often and i call them out on it every time more times than you ever could have imagine in your LIFE you hear me you sick piece of shit ARTPOP2

Sent by ARTPOP2,Dec 4, 2021
dad mom
Sent by Times_Places,Dec 4, 2021
boyfriend you clearly don't know me 🤔
Sent by Jouix,Dec 4, 2021
Sent by Absol,Dec 4, 2021
This aint nothing to do with you Jouix

This idiot stalks me, negs my blogs, comments SHIT and has me on filter so I cant respond lol he does it to so many to protect his idiotic "inage" its laughable
Sent by boyfriend,Dec 4, 2021

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