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  1. We love
  3. Yee to the motherfuckin haw!
  4. MY WIFE <3
  5. Survivor 40 Ranking
  6. Every kingdom has to have sacrifices
  7. I miss
  8. Imagine.
  9. Pretty Bitch Gang
  10. I 100% believe that yogs would have won
  11. Stars Finals
  12. We really did that thing
  13. I joined stars with 7 people
  14. Honestly,
  15. Damn,
  16. Some Stars Tea
  17. Dear Corey,
  18. Imagine being cocky
  19. I may have gotten voted out by my friend
  20. LMAO
  22. Wow y'all dont wannna face me
  23. We love a fake bitch
  24. 8 Merges was fun :)
  25. Loyalty is rare
  26. Imagine calling
  27. I鈥檓 so confused
  28. Imagine saying you're friends with someone
  29. Imagine being so obsessed
  30. Just warning y'all!
  31. Nommed for 9th Vlog
  32. PYN i'll rank you
  33. Lmao you obsessed freak
  34. PYN for a brantsteele
  35. It hurts when your friends
  36. You americans are pussies
  37. PYN you and a friend
  38. Frooks Stats
  39. Any publicity is good publicity
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12thMay 31, 2018 by bamold1999
The only reason this would happen is if you attempted to plus on a multi. Can't even deny it sweety. Damo1990.


i have one multi yelena which everyone knows about. You have point and damaged hun, so dont even try it. What is the harm in plussing a blog anyways. Stay pressed freak.
Sent by damo1990,May 31, 2018
Thats why yelena wasnt on when that happened, hmm
Sent by bamold1999,May 31, 2018
lmfao bamold1999 did you not screenshot her at that point dumbass, its the only multi I have and I only use her in hunger games something which I have never denied dumbass.
Sent by damo1990,May 31, 2018
pot kettle black
Sent by zakisaboss,May 31, 2018

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