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Survivor 40 - Ranking and Thoughts

Feb 14, 2020 by _Ravenclaw_
1. Parvati
2. Sandra
3. Yul
4. Tony
5. Sophie
6. Boston Rob
7. Denise
8. Natalie
9. Kim
10. Adam
11. Ethan
12. Jeremy
13. Tyson
14. Sarah
15. Michele
16. Danni
17. Amber
18. Nick
19. Wendell
20. Ben

•I loved the Parvati and Rob alliance, specially them talking about how come no one is targetting them.
• Amber and Rob were saying all the time they were going after Sandra pre-game and they just got what they deserved for plotting agains the queen.
• Natalie was robbed for beeing in the same tribe as Jeremy.
• Wasnt expecting Sophie & Yul duo but I loved that. Im also surprised with how good Sophie is playing, Yul is also doing great but I already expected that.
• Adam asking to be Denise’s Malcolm and Denise saying that she is cursed was iconic.
• Natalie giving Sandra an idol ❤️
• Kim beeing an outsider for the first time was sad to watch.
• Danni queen of damage control.
• Ben not keeping his mouth shut just showed how bad of a player he is.

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