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It's never too late to start fighting ! Mar 18, 2018
So, i'm nominated for 16th in stars, which sucks, and i don't have the beeeeest shots of staying but i'll never give up. I didn't talked enough with the cast during the first day, which can result in my downfall ( D: ) but i don't wanna go now, i have my potential and i just want you to give me a shot ! I'll try my best and i'll fight as a warrior to stay in the game. It sucks being on the block , but some of you are being really nice to me and supporting me, and this is giving me a flame , and motivating me to post this blog :)
Tho, i know i can be voted out but i'm glad with your support either way <3 thank you !
And please... SAVE ME ! I'll be forever grateful for each one of my saves :)
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+14/-14 ♡ Feb 3, 2018
leave your designs in the comments that I will be positive, debuting my new level.

heading to tv stars now.
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I'll be a mom and I'll give you a present, who wants it? Dec 25, 2017
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Nigger Feb 21, 2017
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survivor!! Feb 15, 2017
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