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  1. Can you say... magnetic?
  2. still accepting late bday presents
  3. wow i was going to join this week
  4. I think its SOO hilarious
  5. Since when has Kansas City
  6. Adele separated from her husband
  7. Claiming tomorrows Stars
  8. Where my brown people at?
  9. How's the wooden leg?
  10. Bbcan7 is going to
  11. Daily PSA
  12. Some of you did not experience
  13. Survive. Race. Get Paper.
  14. The border patrol being eliminated in TAR31
  15. Link to cbs stream?
  16. Because I'm tony.
  17. Let's try this again
  18. What is tonite's cbs schedule
  21. Also, why is
  22. I feel like
  23. My holiday wish for you is that you will
  24. Ugh can these homeless not stare
  25. Water fountains at this gym arent workimg
  26. Wow I turn 2 decades in less than 30 min
  27. Susie Smith wins Survivor 40: Winners Circle
  28. I need attention
  29. Pierced my nose!
  30. I used a tengaged blog
  31. How is avicii releasing music
  32. No offense but
  33. Omg is that a gagaluv design
  34. #SmileMore
  35. Survivor EoE Ranking + Review
  36. IM OUT! IM OUT!
  37. Kelley is NOT an underdog this season
  38. Why do people like Kelley this season?
  39. Okay can I get a stream to survivor
  40. What if we kissed

I can not. I can not.

Jul 22, 2018 by _Adidas_
On MY daughters birthday! Believe that you would sit there and use some crap like that. You are a bull face. I- I c- Disgusting! Disgusting! I havent talked to you in 3 days. You didn't campaign to me. You. You. I can not! Disgusting! Disgusting! I cant believe on my daughters birthday that you would drag my name through the mud like this. You're- you are disgusting! Do you understand? That's fine because the public saw who I voted out. And it was you. And well get you out again. So that's cute. That's real cute. That's cute. That's cute. REAL CUTE


Sent by Dukeyy,Jul 22, 2018

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