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  1. In need of a gif
  2. If you cant see me behind
  3. How do you rank Portrait last
  4. Why do other straight guys
  5. No Nut November: Day 15
  6. I'm petrified for what the Villain tribe
  7. 2018 is Year of the Angel(in)a's
  8. I am drawn to strong women
  9. Finally caught up with Survivor
  10. The Survivor producers want an Emmy so bad
  11. Is Natalia a TGer?
  12. Catching up w Survivor
  13. Just applied to be a 911 phone operator
  14. Imagine being a mango juul pod
  15. No Nut November: Day 13
  16. Rate this survivor season
  17. Hello Burger King, are you hiring today?
  18. The gays after saying what they're thankful for:
  19. I almost had a heart attack
  20. No Nut November: Day 12
  21. Unsatisfied with Apple Service
  22. There are only 2 sex chromosomes
  23. The wall that is being built
  24. Ariana stans delusional
  25. No Nut November: Day 11
  27. Imagine if T-Endurance had real life footage
  28. No Nut November: Day 10
  29. +100 and I'll make an IG for my 2 dogs
  31. Convince your parents to buy
  32. My prime TG years
  33. Happy Hour frooks?
  34. No Nut November: Day 9
  35. I caught up w
  37. PYN and I'll Rank you
  38. No Nut November: Day 8
  39. Sorry, I'm skinny
  40. People born in November

An underrated BB moment (gif)

Jun 19, 2018 by _Adidas_

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