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  1. If Jen Johnson can handle a cigarette burn
  2. I'm sorry TaraG
  3. Imagine Jordin Sparks as a rapper
  4. Throwback to 2 weeks ago
  5. It was a 2 day ban
  6. This week is going to be so good
  7. What's Wednesday's schedule for CBS?
  8. All these elevators
  9. Daily Reminder
  10. How is Haliegh only 5th on AFP
  11. 2 people is not a premade
  12. I remember when Aquamarine
  13. So in conclusion
  14. Imagine calling Bayleigh one of the worst when
  15. Lmao Tyler's mom calling Bayleigh racist
  16. This stars cast looks so fun
  17. Does still work for donations ?
  18. I just sent in 30 votes for Haleigh AFP
  19. Frookies #188142 Tributes
  20. Me @ all the final BB20 rankings
  21. Me not feeling bad for Angela
  22. I'm loving this trend in stars where
  23. Imagine uploading the Meet the Cast
  24. Who to vote in frookies?
  26. I just realized
  27. I bet
  28. Someone tell me my hair looks good
  29. Tyler should have let Bayliegh win the 1st HoH
  30. How to get 44 health fast
  31. I love owning only exclusive designs
  32. The only hope for
  33. Thanks for 20 gifts
  34. Some BB20 Highlights
  35. As much as I dislike Angela as a person
  36. I got off work
  37. Yall fighting over patties
  38. That's who you gave 5 stars wins?
  39. Every damn time
  40. Bb20 should've had 2 battlebacks

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